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Ryazan Hotels

«Lovech» is situated not far from the railway station and it will take you ten minutes to get to the center of the city. It offers its clients 200 rooms with various accommodation terms: from economic class to All Suite. The hotel offers free breakfast (Swedish Board).
Additional service: satellite TV, safe, cafe, car parking, conference-hall, banquet hall, billiard club, car rent, beauty salon, private club «Dzhaga-Dzhaga».
phone: +7(4912)92-70-07
Congress Hotel «Forum»
Number of rooms: 220
Capacity: 125
Room Type: 1.2-bed standard rooms, suites, studios
Address: Ryazan, Yablochkova, 5e.
Phone / Fax: (4912) 95-02-02
Number of rooms: 25
Capacity: 50
Room Type: 1.2-bedded rooms of economy class, 1 — and 2-bedroom, suite, VIP-Suite
Address: Ryazan, Kudryavtseva, 25 (downtown)
Phone/ fax: (4912) 95-38-38
«Zolotaya milya»
Bedspace: 150
Address: Ryazan, Kuybyshevskoe shosse, 31
Tel.fax: (4912) 95-00-11, 95-00-00
«Borovnitsa» is situated 20 kilometres from Ryazan in the health resort settlement Solotcha. There are 6 rooms, where its possible to accommodate 18 people: luxury and apartment.
Bedspace: 18
Aditional service: restaurant, bar, gym, swimming pool, billiards, table tennis, car parking, tennis-court, conference-hall, sauna.
Address: Ryazan, Solotcha set., Monastyrskaya st., 8
Tel./fax: (4912) 28-79-63
Hotel «Land-House»
Number of rooms: The hotel complex — 6, 2-storey cottage — 2
Capacity: 16
Room Type: 2-bed rooms with all amenities. The cottage: kitchen, living room, two bedrooms
Address: Ryazan, Solotcha highway, 70
Phone: (4912) 28-77-62
«Konjusheny Dvor»
«Konjusheny Dvor» is a comfortable hotel with 18 VIP-rooms. There are single and double rooms and suits with fireplaces and conditioners. The hotel offers free breakfast and minibar to all holiday-makers. In the courtyard of the hotel there is a small playground.
Additional service: restaurant, Russian baths, sauna, billiard club, car parking.
phone: +7(4912) 24-45-50, 24-45-17
«Four seasons»
«Four seasons» was built in 2004. There are 22 standard rooms for 44 guests.
Additional service: restaurant, bar, billiards, car parking, conferencehall.
phone: +7(4912) 24-45-91, 24-45-92
«Grand Hotel»
«Grand Hotel» is situated near the railway station and 5 minutes journey from the center of the city. There are 38 rooms for 80 guests in the hotel: 10 standard rooms, 19 luxuries, 5 studios, 3 apartments, 1 presidential. The hotel offers free breakfast (Swedish Board).
Additional service: car parking, gym, childrens playground, cafe, serviceroom.
phone: +7(4912) 33-99-99, 34-76-08
Hotel «Geneva»
Number of rooms: 11
Capacity: 22
Room type: standard class, luxury and comfort
Address: Ryazan, Mayakovsky street, 109, 2
Phone: (4912) 46-05-55, 46-07-77
Bedspace: 62
Address: Ryazan, Chernovitskaya st., 19
Tel./fax: (4912) 97-55-97
Hotel «The Shores» in the Ryazan region
Number of rooms: 100
Capacity: 254
Room Type: 2-3-4-bed (Suit, Lux, Std DBL (one double bed)
Std Twin (two single beds), Std DBL + EXB (one double bed + extra. Bed).
Address: Ryazan region, Ryazan region, village Poljany, «Oka Pearl»
Phone: (4912) 208-308, 222-294
Hotel «A-Liva»
Number of rooms: 22
Capacity: 40
Room Type: standard, lux
Address: Ryazan, Chkalova street, 8
Phone: +7 (4912) 92-64-34
Hotel «In some kingdom»
Room Type: 1-2 -bed rooms standard class, luxury and comfort, separate houses
Address: the 13th km of Ryazan-Vladimir highway
Phone: 8 (4912) 936-936
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