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Autumn travel ideas

October 30, 2020
  • Cozy master classes
Own recipe for lollipops was invented in the 19th century in Ryazan. You can find it in «Sugar Candy History Museum». Here everyone can try themselves as a sugar cook and independently paint a Lollipop with chocolate. In cool weather, it is very pleasant to have a cup of aromatic drink in the Museum's tea room. The menu also includes traditional Ryazan dishes, such as pancakes.

Continue your gastronomic journey through Ryazan is in the «Gingerbread gallery», which presents goodies from different parts of the world. There is also its own signature sweetness — Ryazan gingerbread. 5 types of flour, up to 8 types of spices (including cloves and pepper), burnt sugar, honey, butter, filling... and the secret ingredient. Which one? You find out at the master class.

  • City walks
It is much more pleasant to wander through the old streets of the provincial city, looking at cute houses, art objects or details, in company. Use the audio guide in the app
You should go to Kasimov for interesting views with merchant mansions and Golden domes of churches. This small town boasts an original mix of Russian and Tatar cultures, collections of samovars and bells. The best views open from the observation decks on the Belvedere of the Alyanchikov house and the minaret of the Old mosque.

  • For inspiration 
To get into the spirit of Yesenin autumn, take a walk along the alleys of  the state museum-reserved of Sergey Yesenin, visit the poet's home and literary Museum, become a guest of creative festivals — and just be alone with the beauty on the high Bank of the Oka river. And on 3 October come and celebrate the 125th birthday of poet.

  • Close to nature
Just 27 km from Ryazan, the resort village of Solotcha is an ideal place to escape from the city's bustle and wander along the forest paths. The route «Paustovsky's trail» passes through places where the writer loved to visit, who found in this region "the greatest, simplest and unsophisticated happiness»


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