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Winter in Ryazan

January 21, 2021
Winter fun

Guests of the complex "Semyono-Oleninskoe" will find prepared trails suitable for different levels of skiing, comfortable lifts, and experienced instructors. It consists of two slopes with a length of up to 400 m and a height difference of up to 50 m. A nice bonus: all this is just a 10-minute drive from the city.

A lot of activities can be found at the recreation center «Oka»: 3 tube and 2 ski slopes, an ice rink, a cross-country ski track, rental of mountain and cross-country skis, snowboards and skates. a fascinating view of the oka opens from the base.

Biathlon complex «Almaz» is very popular: lainie trails stretching over 10 kilometers, the range for pneumatic biathlon 20 lines, range 30 fire lines, stands for 300 seats and lighted roller trail 3.3 km.

Do you want something unusual? Go on a ski trip with the husky. You are waiting for: the most picturesque routes of the pristine Meshchera, the opportunity to live on the Meshchersky farm in the hut of the poet-fisherman, unforgettable emotions from communicating with four-legged friends. For more information, follow the link.

For those who prefer more peaceful entertainment, it is worth skating on the frozen lake in the «Okskaya Zhemchuzhina» or rent skis and go to the Paustovsky trail in Solotcha.

Cozy master classes

Own recipe for lollipops was invented in the 19th century in Ryazan. You can find it in «Sugar Candy History Museum». Here everyone can try themselves as a sugar cook and independently paint a Lollipop with chocolate. In cool weather, it is very pleasant to have a cup of aromatic drink in the Museum's tea room. The menu also includes traditional Ryazan dishes, such as pancakes.

Continue your gastronomic journey through Ryazan is in the «Gingerbread gallery», which presents goodies from different parts of the world. There is also its own signature sweetness — Ryazan gingerbread. 5 types of flour, up to 8 types of spices (including cloves and pepper), burnt sugar, honey, butter, filling... and the secret ingredient. Which one? You find out at the master class.

You can create a small New Year's miracle with your own hands. The masters of the «Fabrika igrushek» will teach everyone to paint christmas balls and other decorations.

A visit to the historical salon"Aromat vremeni" can be a real discovery. This place takes its guests to the era of the late XIX-early XX century and gives them a touch of it . here you can learn the secrets of fashionistas and perfumers, listen to old perfumes and even try to create your own fragrance.

For body and soul

Ecopark «Polyany» is a great place for those who love active recreation and a healthy lifestyle. After walking through the forest, it will be especially pleasant to find yourself in the open-air thermal pool. the complex also has 10 steam rooms and two children's pools.

A more energetic holiday can be organized in the water park «Gorki». There are 12 aqua parks, 5 swimming pools, a virtual reality area and other attractions available for children and adults. the complex also offers a variety of spa programs.

Important! Do not forget about the restrictions for guests due to Covid-19.


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