The 4th Forum of Ancient Cities «The cultural code of the ancient city»

September 22, 2021
The International Forum of Ancient Cities will be held on September 22-26, 2021. The main topic of the 4th Forum is «The cultural code of the ancient city». It is planned that the Forum will retain the international format, without excluding the online mode of some events.

Along with the Forum of Ancient Cities, Ryazan will host the ambitious 22nd Russian-Finnish Cultural Forum.

The Forum of Ancient Cities plays an important role for the region in establishing partnerships with representatives of delegations from around the world, developing cooperation with other regions, attracting investment to the Ryazan region, increasing tourist attractiveness, and creating a positive image of the region.

At least 500 official representatives of Russian regions and foreign countries will take part in the Forum events.

Traditionally, the Opening And Closing ceremonies of the Forum will be held.

As part of the business program of the Forum, there will be a plenary session of the Association of Ancient Cities, as well as the work of its thematic sections, which will continue to discuss issues of preserving cultural heritage, cultural traditions, the development of historical science, tourism, education, architecture, a comfortable urban environment, and the economy in ancient cities.

The work of the «School of Ancient Cities» will continue with the participation of experts, architects, designers, sociologists, organizers of cultural programs, city activists, and creative youth.

The cultural programme of the 4th International Forum of Ancient Cities will undoubtedly interest many people. For the first time, the Forum will host a Festival of ancient Instruments, the results of the International Folk Song Contest «Voices of Ancient Cities» will be summed up, and a large-scale interactive photo exhibition «Cultural Facets of Ancient Cities» will be held. On Lybedsky Boulevard, united by the Festival «Many Faces of Russia», craft and souvenir rows will work. As part of the cultural programme, the results of the International online campaign «Cultural Scape of the Ancient City» will be summed up.

The experience of the past forum will be used, in performing which great attention was paid to the ancient towns and villages of the Ryazan region: to development of tourism, ethnography, economy, volunteerism, best practices for preserving the cultural heritage of ancient settlements, directions and results of research by historians and local lore specialists, as well as strengthening contacts with the sister cities. The work of volunteers will be expanded as much as possible. The volunteer clean-up programme called subbotniks will be held at the cultural heritage sites of ancient settlements and in memorable places of the region, as well as meetings with local lore specialists.


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