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Where to go this autumn?

October 15, 2021
Autumn trips are full of romance and special charm. You need to take advantage of the moment and plan a trip to Ryazan

  • to find something of your own
Ryazan is a city close to many. You can walk through its streets, look into museums and definitely meet something familiar.

  • to spend a weekend in Meshchera
it's a good idea to get out into the woods. If you don't want to go far, you should go to Solotcha. Only 20 km from Ryazan and you can walk among the tall pines. The most popular route is the «Paustovsky trail».

  • to the homeland of S.A. Yesenin

  • go to Kasimov. Russian — Tatar city on the banks of the Oka

  • to extend the summer
You can have fun in the water park of the Okskaya Zhemchuzhina complex: 6 large attractions, 5 themed pools, winter beach, animation. Those who prefer a more relaxing holiday will definitely like the thermal baths and an open-air swimming pool in the Polyany eco-park.


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