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The best ideas for winter holidays

February 1, 2022
You definitely won't have to be bored in Ryazan in winter.You can make a wish in the lollipop museum, talk to a toy marquise, celebrate Christmas in Yesenin's homeland, breathe in the frosty air in Meshchera. Here everyone will find something close to themselves. We share the best ideas for recreation.
  • The project «Ya vam pokazhu» will hold a series of master classes and thematic programs. Sightseeing tours will tell you about the past and present of the city, master classes will help you master the basics of perfumery. The novelty of this season is the program «Conversations of the toy marquise». Come to find out why the ladies needed dolls with a secret, watch the first cartoons. You can sign up by following the link.

  • Do you like to walk on your own? Download the audio guide in the app izi.TRAVEL or take a quest at the visitor center on Pochtovaya Street.

  • Include in your walk the most New Year's museum of the city — the «Toy Factory». Local artists will be happy to teach you how to paint Christmas tree toys.

  • Don't forget to check out the «Lollipop History Museum» and the «Gingerbread gallery». There you can cook sweets according to old recipes.

  • It is worth paying attention to the Kasimov. This small town surprises even seasoned travelers. One part of the city preserves the Tatar heritage, the other can serve as an illustration to the stories of Russian classics. A local visitor center will help you build a route around the city.
The best trails and winter activities
  • Go skiing and snowboarding in «Semeno — Oleninskoe».  The complex offers trails of different difficulty levels. The length of the slopes is up to 400 meters, the height difference is up to 50 meters. Even if the winter is not very snowy, it will not be a problem — there are special guns in the complex.
  • Do you want something unusual? Take a closer look at snowshoeing. This winter entertainment will allow you to look at the surroundings of the city from the other side. Your guide will be the community of active recreation «Get up and row».

  • You can also take a ride with the breeze at the recreation center «Oka». A nice bonus: it is located very close to the Yesenin places.

  • The Wild Tour active recreation club will help you go on an exciting hike to the favorite places of the writer Paustovsky.



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