Spring in Ryazan: ideas for your weekend

March 8, 2022
The upcoming weekend is a great reason to change the situation. Our city is perfect for this. Just a couple of hours from the capital — and you are on a small journey.

We have prepared the top 10 ideas — choose what is close to you:

1. have time to ride with the breeze from the slopes in «Semeno-Oleninsky» or recreation center «Oka».
2. find out how the winter was spent in Yesenin's homeland. 
3. walk through the streets of Ryazan in the company of guides «I'll show you.» 
4. feel like a perfumer during master classes in the «Flavor of time». 
5. try pancakes in Ryazan cafes and restaurants. The special menu is very diverse: from good old classics to trendy gluten-free pancakes. 
6. observe the awakening nature in Solotcha: walk along the trails of Paustovsky, admire the surroundings from the observation deck of an ancient monastery or Bald Mountain, inhale the fresh scent of the forest.
7. visit the lollipop history museum to learn a lot of interesting things about traditions, learn how to paint lollipops with chocolate, and, of course, try traditional Ryazan pancakes.
8. go to a chocolate master class. «Shoko-Rua» workshop will introduce you to the chocolate history and teach you how to make chocolate figures in the form of flowers, butterflies, bows!
9. to touch the beautiful in the Ryazan Art Museum. 
10. relax body and soul in the eco-park Polyany". 

«The Profitable Way» service will help you make your trip better.  Issue a guest card on the portal and use bonuses from cafes, restaurants and private museums.


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