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Theatrical festival «Battle on the Vozha»

August 9, 2014

A large theatrical festival celebrates the historic battle on the river Vozha, which took place in August of 1378. Winning this Battle strengthened the faith of the Russian people and inspired them for the victory over the Mongol-Tatar yoke, and two years later, they crushed the legions of the Golden Horde at Kulikovo Field.

A large-scale theatrical performance, the plot of which is based on real historical events, will unfold on the site of the famous battle. Spectators will behold  tragic yet glorious memory of the past generations.

The festival is annual and has  already won wide fame. Its visitors will witness medieval combat scenes, competitions in the javelin and archery, fencing tournaments, exhibitions, craft markets, exhibition of weapons, ancient Russian entertainments, historical quiz concert. The visitors will also be able to enjoy medieval meal, taste vintage dishes and  learn the recipes of traditional cuisine. 



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