The Russian city — The National choice

March 31, 2015

The contest The Russian city. The National Choice — 2015 is held in the network of the year of literature in Russia. As the main aim of the project the organizations name the renewal of interest to travels across the country. The guests of the website can learn many interesting facts about the culture and places of interest of Russian cities, watch unique photos.

Everyone can take part in voting for the most attractive and recognizable Russian city in 2015 according to the internet-users opinion in the project The Russian city — The National choice, which has begun in January.

From the list of the all the Russian big administrative centers people should choose the city that possesses the unique historical and cultural heritage and is worth of becoming the national symbol.

The results of the voting will be summed up on 30th December, 2015, at 3 pm, Moscow time.

You can vote for your favorite city and influence the final choice of the most attractive city in Russia. The voting is going on!


Vote for Ryazan!



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