Eseninís Days 2016

October 1, 2016

The event started on the 3rd of September with the creative project Eseninís Days in Konstantinovo devoted to the 121st anniversary of Sergey Esenin. The day was marked by a folk concert, a master class from a salon of historical dance and peasant games for children.

On the 10th of September Eseninís homeland will welcome young and adult artists at the 16th Interregional Festival of Modern Fine Arts. On the 17th — 18th of September young elocutionists and poets will recite poetry and prose at the 6thInterregional Eseninís Poetic Contest Festival.

This yearís international scientific conference is devoted to Esenin in the literature and culture of Russia and foreign countries. It starts on the 22nd of September in Moscow, continues on the 23rd of September in Ryazan and closes on the 24thof September in Konstantinovo.

The All-Russian Eseninís Poetry Fest takes place on the 1st of October. Devoted to the Year of the Russian Cinematography it includes the show of a movie about Sergey Esenin and two concerts of Ryazan and Moscow groups and artists. The verandah of Lidiya Kashinaís House will become a stage for meeting modern poets and writers. In the house itself a museum program Reminiscences Coming to Life will be introduced. In the estate of the poetís parents guests will watch scenes from the life of a peasant family.

Om the 2nd of October the All-Russian Eseninís Poetry Fest continues in the branch of Sergey Esenin State Museum Reserve in Spas-Klepiki. The program of the fest devoted to Eseninís birthday includes a concert and a fair presenting works of handicraft masters. On the 3rdof October, on the very birthday of the poet, guests will gather for a poetic meeting on the Trubezh Embankment and will lay flowers to the poetís monument in Konstantinovo and watch a folk music concert.

For the second time Konstantinovo hosts a theatrical and musical festival. On the 8th of October young artists will take part in the final phase of the Interregional Eseninís Theatrical Festival this year devoted to the 130th anniversary of Lidiya Kashina. On the 15thof October a musical contest festival will show how Eseninís poetry is set to music.



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