Filippovki in Konstantinovo

November 21, 2016

From the 21stto the 25th of November Sergey Esenin State Museum Reserve invites organized tourist groups for the festive program Filippovki in Konstantinovo being part of the calendar series Konstantinovo in Those Far-Off Days.

Filippovki is a traditional Russian folk holiday which foreruns the Nativity or Philips fast. In the old days the period was meant for grinding flour from the new harvest, baking bread and cakes, working and being occupied with pious things. Its the time for women and young girls to gather together in winter and do the handiwork.

This year Sergey Esenin Museum Reserve prepared an interesting and informative festive program that will tell the guests about the way of life of Konstantinovo peasants in the beginning of the previous century and about the role of men and women in the family. The participants will learn about peasant lifestyle and how to play the traditional games that were popular during winter gatherings. The guests will discover how bread was grown and baked in the Russian village. Everyone will, of course, taste a piece of the feast cake.

The program Filippovki in Konstantinovo takes place in three expositions of the Museum Reserve — the House of Sergey Esenins Parents, Land School and the House of the Priest Ivan Smirnov. Here the participants will have thematic excursions, games, master classes (boys mold the Konstantinovo pipe and girls sew a rag doll) and treats.

The program lasts for 2 hours 15 minutes

The cost is 250 roubles for adults and 200 roubles for children

Phone 8-910-566-64-97 for booking



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