New Year holidays in Sergey Esenins motherland

January 8, 2017

To participate in festive museum events, New Year performances and master classes the guests of the Museum Reserve can choose among three expositions.

In the House of the Priest Smirnov on the 2nd 5th of January small visitors will see some fragments of the program The Magic Light of the Game. The participants themselves will paint the fairytale Nikolas Parables on glass slides for its further demonstration with the help of an old slide projector — the magic lantern. The museum guests will also have a chance to put up a performance of the shadow theatre Grandmas Fairytales after learning to make special cardboard figures. On the 6th — 8th of January children will watch a traditional Christmas Nativity play and even take an active part in it.

In the House of Sergey Esenins parents on the 2nd — 5th of January young visitors will learn about New Year childrens games and amusements during a special museum class and their parents will find out what Brykalka is and why there is no New Year or Christmas treat without it. On the 6th — 8th of January the guests of the Museum Reserve will take part in a theatrical performance with Konstantinovo Tausens, maiden fortune-telling and Grandma Kolyada.

The Estate House of Lydiya Kashina, the last Konstantinovo landlady, will be decorated by a beautiful Christmas tree during all the holidays. Here the guests of the estate will hear the story of the Christmas decoration and participate in a master class in making Christmas decorations with the use of an old technique.

Programs last from 11 a.m to 4 p.m.



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