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Raspberry Festival

July 15, 2017

Raspberries from the village of Novosyolki are one of the brands of the Ryazan Region. In old times the local berries were even brought to the tsar's kitchen. Today the villagers grow perfect raspberries of different varieties. The harvest is marked by celebration of a yummy and bright fest. 


The Raspberry Festival is a true paradise for a sweet tooth. Here one can taste not only fresh berries but also various delicacies like raspberry gazpacho or raspberry parfait. Each time the chefs of the Ryazan restaurants try to surprise gourmands by something unusual. This year the main stage will house a large culinary master class. One of the participants will be Andrey Sapy, a young Ryazan cook who became famous thanks to the MasterChef Junior Show. 


The program of the fest is full of thematic recreations. The area of the Raspberry Stead will allow everyone to take part in interactive museum programs, find out many interesting things about the everyday life of peasants, learn how to make jam on a hemp, etc. The guests of the festival are invited to various master classes in weaving, painting, pottery and making of charm dolls, organized by Ryazan craftsmen. 


The contest for the best raspberry costume has become a good tradition. Taking part in it is an excellent way to cheer one up and reveal one's creative abilities.

The festival will end with a bright «woolen» team building. 



Welcome to the village of Novosyolki on the 15th of July! 

Don't lose your chance to taste summer!



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