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A Tasty Trip: Maslenitza 2018 in Ryazan

February 18, 2018

Maslenitza is one of the brightest and merriest Russian holidays. Seeing winter off and welcoming spring go hand in hand with many different traditions and rites that have survived throughout centuries. The Ryazan Region regained a very strong bond with the forefathers' traditions that is why celebration of Maslenitza is treated in a special way. Come and make sure of it yourselves!

In the Ryazan Region you can taste Ryazan pancakes — the so-called karavaytzy, take part in open-air celebrations with merry round dances, games and entertainments. Besides, it would be also excellent to visit the region's unique sights. In 2018 the festive week will cover the 12th — 18th of February. The major celebrations will take place on Sunday.

On this page we have gathered the most interesting festive programs in the town and region.

Maslenitza in Ryazan — the oldest town in Russia

Maslenitza in the Ryazan Region


Festive tours




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