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How to spend summer in the Ryazan Region?

July 18, 2018

Dear friends!

Summer has finally arrived. Now it's time for holidays and adventures. We offer you to discover the Ryazan region and share our ideas for rest:  

  • get lost in time on the streets of Kasimov — the most picturesque town of the Ryazan region where two cultures — Russian and Tatar — are closely interwined. The local tourist information center will help you choose the ideal route to get acquainted with the town
  • examine the tourist routes of the national park «Meshchera». It is an ideal option for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and want to stay alone with nature. Those who like active sports can go on a «Wild Tour» or rafting on the lakes and rivers of the Ryazan region
  • try the tastiest raspberry, plunge into the medieval atmosphere, listen to poetry on the bank of the Oka river — all this can be done when you come to the fests and festivals that take place in summer in the Ryazan region. Choose what you like and go travelling.
  • find inspiration in Sergey Esenin's motherland. In Konstantinovo you'll be offered 5 museum expositions, interactive programs, creative projects and breathtaking landscapes. 
  • fly a hot-air balloon over the Oka river. The sky has always been important for Ryazaners, so no wonder it carries the proud title of a capital of the airborne forces. In 1990 there was the first festival of aerostatics «Russia's Sky». Now it is the region's visiting card. Ballooning is a unique way to get to know the city. You'll never forget such an adventure. Your guide:
  • discover new routes together with the project «I'll Show You»
  • visit ancient temples and monasteries and touch sacred relics.
  • develop your creative abilities under the guidance of the masters of the Skopin Crаft Center
  • reveal the mysteries of the Ryazan Kremlin — the place where the history of one of the greatest princedoms of Ancient Rus began. 
  • meet the sunrise or sunset on the banks of the Oka river. This river is one of the symbols of the Ryazan region. The Trade and Entertainment Center «Okskaya Zhemchuzhina»  or a variety of recreation camps will help you with your rest. 

Do you prefer organized trips? Then our tour booking system will be of help to you. Search for the sign «Book a Tour» on the landing page of our website.

Photos by Alexandr Sinitzyn



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