Рязанская область - Отдых в Рязанской области

Autumn holidays in the Ryazan region

October 6, 2018

Travelling is the best remedy for autumn depression. You don't have to go too far to get new impressions. We suggest admiring the Indian summer in the Ryazan region. 

- uncover the mysteries of the Ryazan Kremlin — the oldest part of Ryazan.Why does the city have two birthdays? Where does Peresvet's staff help? What are the Old Ryazan treasure troves famous for? These and many other questions will be answered during an excursion around the Historical and Architectural Museum Reserve.

You can admire the panoramic view on the Kremlin bathing in golden leaves from the rampart or the embankment of the Trubezhriver.

- drink tea with Ryazan lollilops. The recipe of this sweet treat was invented as far as the 19th century. The cozy Museum of the Lollilop World will tell you about its emergence and peculiarities. When it's cold outside it is so good to drink a cup of fragrant tea with honey and spices in the museum's tea house. The menu also includes traditional Ryazan species such as karavaytzy pancakes.

- get inspiration in Sergey Esenin's birthplace.

Autumn is a unique time in the life of Konstantinovo. On the eve of the poet's birthday artists, poets, writersand actors come to the museum reserve. Various festivals, concerts, creative meetings and exhibitions are held.

Another bonus is the local landscapes that are especially enchanting and beautiful at this time of the year.

- walk the streets of Kasimov — the most picturesque city of the Ryazan region. Here travelers will meet the bizarre mixture of the Russian and Tatar cultures, unique collections of samovars and bells, unhurried atmosphere of the 19th century.

The best views on the city are accessed from the viewing points on the belvedere of the Alyanchikovs' House and the minaret of the Old Mosque.

- enjoy the magic of the autumn forest in the Ryazan. Meshchera furry century-old pine trees, pure wood lakes and the Pra river with its strong black tea colour – these places inspired Paustovsky to write a whole series of short stories some day. Today you can rest here in various recreation camps or go hiking by yourself with a free map from the visit centre in the Meshchersky National Park. The best souvenirs from such a trip are gifts from the forest — berries and mushrooms.

- spend your weekend in Solotcha. This small resort settlement in the suburbs of Ryazan can boast of unique nature (the mixture of fir trees and water meadows) and interesting sights (e.g., a convent founded by Prince Oleg and Pozhalostin's Museum House).

- become familiar with pottery in Skopin — the town of potters. Various workshops are run in the local center for folk crafts.



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