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Tourist Information Center

Tourist Information Center of Ryazan region is a State institution and a part of the «Informational — Analytical Center of Culture and Tourism.»


The list of key objectives includes:


- Provision of public services, such as providing tourists with all the necessary information about the objects of the tourist industry, tourist resources of Ryazan region, organizing the implementing regional programs;

- Conducting active marketing, information and promotion policies to build and support a positive image of the Ryazan region as a tourist destination both in major tourist markets.


The list of key responsibilities includes:


1. Free provision of information to citizens and organizations:

- rules of staying on the territory of Russian Federation, about security measures and safeguards the rights of tourists;

-  objects of tourist interest in the Ryazan region, including historical and cultural objects, monuments of nature and so on;  

- cultural, sporting and social events in the region;

- local tourist routes;

- About companies, leading tour operator and travel agency activities, qualified guides - translators and tour guides;

- transport services (including public transport services — routes, schedules, prices, and so on);

- accommodation facilities and services provided;

- catering, trade, consumer services;

- medical care (addresses, contact information);

- ecological state of the environment and tourism facilities;

- emergencies, accidents (including traffic) and other events that may affect the safety of tourists.


2. Supporting an information database of tourism industry of Ryazan region.


3. Participating in international exhibitions, information and press tours, festivals and other events in order to promote Ryazan region as a tourist destination.


4. Development, manufacture, distribution and sale of information and promotional materials about the tourist potential of the Ryazan region, souvenirs with symbols of the region.


The staff of Tourist Information Center is multilingual and ready to provide tourists with reliable information about cultural events of the city and the region, tourist routes and excursions, transport, activities, museums and other institutions. Quickly, efficiently, and FREE.


We do not pursue any commercial interests besides promoting the Ryazan region as a tourist destination and appeal to all the tourist market participants to interact and cooperate with us!


Contact Information



Lukyanova Ekaterina

+7 (4912) 777-414





Morozova Kseniya

+7 (4912) 777-414




 Belousova Viktoria

+7 (4912) 777-414



Pimenova Olga

+7 (4912) 777-414



Address: 390000, Ryazan, Pochtovaya 54.

Phone: +7 (4912) 777-414





Working schedule:

Monday - Friday: 09:00 — 18:00

Saturday: 10:00 — 16:00

Sunday — day off

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