How to Get to Ryazan?


By railways

The best way to get to Ryazan is by railways. There are many trains, travelling from the «Kazansky» station of Moscow, including a special «express» train, named after the great Russian poet Sergey Esenin. It travels 3 to 4 times a day, there and back. You can buy the tickets in the station cashiers (passport is required).

There are two most important railways going through Ryazan. They are: a «historical» Trans-Siberian railway (it goes from Moscow through Kolomna to Ryazan, continues to Mordovia, Samara Region, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan until it crosses the Trans-Siberian in the Omsk Region). Also there are two main lines of the Caucasian railways (through Pavelets and Ryazhsk).

Railway stations

There are two railway stations in Ryazan, both are situated in the center of the city.

The railway station «Ryazan-1» (serves for trains going from Moscow to Saransk, Penza and other cities of South Ural and Middle Asia).

The railway line to Moscow from Ryazan is left sided. It is the only line in Russia of such kind and its perfectly explained by the fact that this road was built by the British.
Address: 26-a, Vokzalnaya Str., Ryazan city
National freephone in Russia: 8-800-775-0000

The Railway station «Ryazan-2» (serves the trains going from Moscow to Samara and other southern Russian cities).
Address: 1, Dimitrova Sqr., Ryazan city
National freephone in Russia: 8-800-775-0000

Motor Transport

The territory of the Ryazan region is crossed by the two federal highways: «Ural» M5 (Moscow — Chelyabinsk) and «Caspian» M6 (Moscow — Astrakhan). In addition, highway P105 Moscow-Kasimov and direction of Nizhny Novgorod-Murom-Kasimov-Tambov (road P125, P124 and A143) are of particular importance.

Major highways — Ryazan, Shatsk, Kasimov.

International Car Code — 62.

You can get to Ryazan by car (this is probably the best option for residents of Moscow and nearby cities) traveling by «Ural» M5 highway. The 196 km that separate Moscow from Ryazan, can be overcome by car within 2.5 — 3 hours. A little more time is needed while traveling by bus. You can also take a bus that travels to Ryazan every 30 min from the Vykhino or Kazansky railway station. Comfortable buses go from the «Vykhino» metro station every 30 minutes, and the Kazan station. Also, there are several busses that go to Kasimov from the Shelkovsky station every day.

Ryazan bus stations

Central Bus Station
Address: 31, Moscow highroad, Ryazan city
Phone: +7(4912) 26-07-35 (reference), +7 (4912) 35-92-80 (booking)

Bus station Prioksky
Address: Torgovy gorodok (Trade borough), Ryazan city
Phone: (4912) 28-17-19

Bus station «Krasnogvardeyskaya», Moscow — 8 (499) 940-08-43 

Schedules and routes can be found here:

River transport

Crossing the Ryazan region from west to east, the Oka river often attracts fans of river cruises. The major routes are: Moscow — Konstantinovo — Moscow, Moscow — Konstantinovo — Kasimov — Ryazan — Moscow and «Moscow circumnavigation»: Moscow — Konstantinovo — Ryazan — Kasimov — Murom — Pavlovo — Nizhny Novgorod — Ples — Kostroma — Yaroslavl — Myshkin — Uglich — Moscow.

Management of Moscow River Shipping

The distances between cities of Ryazan region and neighboring regions

196 444
232 189
274 463
427 312



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