Рязанская область - Отдых в Рязанской области

International Aerostation Festival «Sky of Russia»

Время и место проведения:
August 6-14 , 2023, Ryazan and Ryazan district
The Ryazan region is the pioneer of aerostation in Russia: the festival “Nebo Rossii”, which was first held in 1990, has been registered in the Russian record book «Divo» («Wonder») as the first aerostation festival held in the country.

The citizens and visitors of the city are offered a unique opportunity to witness a wonderful show: over 30 unusually beautiful hot air balloons and dirigibles soar in the sky. The spectators also have a chance to sail up into the sky, to admire the night show of luminous hot air balloons and to see an unusual competition, which is aimed at choosing «the best-floating balooner».


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