The International Forum of Ancient Cities

23-26 August 2023, Ryazan

About the Forum

The ancient Russian city of Ryazan was founded in 1095. For many years it has been one of the most popular touristic attractions thanks to its sights and eventful history. 

In August you will have a good reason for revisiting Ryazan or getting acquainted with the city for the first time, which is even more exciting! You will spend a week in the capital of ancient cities where more than 40 delegations from Russia and other world countries will gather. 

Forget about the daily routine — in August the center of Ryazan will turn into a grand festive area with embassies, open-air theatrical stages, music, tasty street food and exquisite gastronomic dinners, workshops and performances. 

Besides, you will visit open lectures, discussion areas and workshops where the participants will share the best world practices of preservation and expansion of ancient and modern cultures, architecture and exquisite territorial features as well as development of cities, spaces, people and ideas. 

The Photography Contest PhotoForum will become a bright visual bonus to the ambitious cultural event. It will introduce photos revealing all the diversity and uniqueness of architectural objects of the ancient regions, modern lifestyle of old cities, spectacular cultural events. 

All the participating cities are more than 500 years old. With their rich history they all have a lot to share and something to contribute to the development of cultural and historical values of cities in the present and future.


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