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The Glory of Ryazan is the Ryazan Kremlin. It is the ancient historical heart of the city. Throughout the long history of its existence the Kremlin has been rebuilt many times and eventually it has been formed into an entire architectural complex. It comprises a number of outstanding monuments of Old Russian architecture and the classicism of the XV-XIX centuries.
The museum is situated in a picturesque place on thebank of the Oka river in the old Russian village of Konstantinovo, the native land of the greatest poet of Russia Sergey Esenin. The museum expositions are unique.The memorial exposition is connected with the poetsrelatives and describes the Ryazan period of the poetslife. The literary exposition tells about Esenins creativework. In the museum you can see documentary filmswhich demonstrate some episodes from the poets life.
The historical-archeological reserve «Old Ryazan» is a part of the ryazan historical and architectural museum-reserve. The unique archeological memorial of Ancient Ryazan is one of the largest sites of formercities without modern building up in Europe. This reserveis situated at the territory of the capital of theRyazan princedom which was destroyed during Tatarinvasion in 1237.
The Svyato-Ioanno-Bogoslovsky Monastery was foundedin honour of its apostle and evangelist Ioann Bogoslovin the XIII century A.D. It is situated 25 kilometresfrom Ryazan, in the village of Poshchupovo. The monasteryis one of the most ancient ones in Ryazan region, and now the monks of the cloister live according to theage-old traditions.
«Meshcherskiy» National Park includes the beautiful river Pra and unique Klepiki lakes, an abundance of mushrooms and berries, salubrious forest air. Its the ideal place for having a holiday with family, walking on foot or by bicycle, kayaking and skiing, recovering your poise and to charge yourself by good vibes for a long time.
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The museum is situated in the building that used to belong to the Pavlovs family. The museum consists of two parts: the memorial and the scientific ones.
The museum is one of the oldest museums in Russia. Its collection includes over ten thousand original works of native and Western European representatives of different artistic forms and genres of the XV-XX centuries
Oksky National Park is a calm and picturesque place in Meschera. A special attention in the Park is paid to research and conservation of rare species of animals. The nurseries for breeding thoroughbred aurochs, Russian muskrat are known not only in Russia but also in many foreign countries.
The ex-estate of S.P. von Dervis, a son of a famous builder of the Moscow-Kazan railway, is situated in the centre of village Kiritsy. The palace combines different styles: Gothic, Pseudo-gothic, Mauritanian, Russian Classical etc.
The stud was founded by a Ryazan landlord, horse expert baron fon Derviz. In terms of architecture, design and decoration the horse part of the stud could compete with the best samples of horse breeding architecture.
This is the only place where one can see authentic warplanes of the post-war period, long-range aviation planes TU-16, TU-22, TU-95, TU-22M2, TU-22M3.
The Museum of Airborne Forces History is situated in the building of the Higher Airborne Command School and is the worlds only museum of this kind.
Wicker-making was an integral part of the traditionalpeasant culture of the Shilovo area. Every family madenecessary articles for their needs: baskets, cookingutensils, boxes, chairs, cradles, sledges and so on.
Silky delicate transparent ornaments on the net make embroidery original and distinctive. «Veniz» is a hard kind of embroidery.
Wonderful cheerfulness of Mikhailov lace is in quantity of colours: from modest,restrained and strict to bright, merry combinations of red and white with blue, red and white with yellow, red and black. Technology of numeral lace making is unique and doesnt have any analogs.
The original articles of Skopin pottery craft are a visiting-card of the Ryazan region. It is the best souvenirfrom our land.
In the Potekhins farm enterprise there are more than 80 kinds of exotic birds and animals: Australian kangaroos, emu ostrichs, peacocks, pearl-hens, Chinese, plumy, dwarf and cootie hens, turkey-ducks, Peking ducks, hen-geese, pygmy antelopes, 70 cm horses, coatis etc. The tourists minion is a small Indian bird Manya, which speaks several languages, can sing and laugh.
«Chudekovs manor» is one of the not numerous manor parks, survived to that day on the territory of the Ryazan region. There are 88 species of trees and bushes, appurtenant to 17 families, 42 genus. The oldest tree in the arboretum is over 150 years old.
A municipal Cossacks center of the great Don army was opened in the city of Shatsk in 1998. If you are interested in Cossacks traditions and customs, visit a museum of the center and enroll into a «Cossack initiation ritual».
Kasimov is the only place where one can remark the amicable neighborhood of mosque and orthodox churches and Russian and Tatar language, and where the customs of both peoples fit well into modern town citizens life.
The museum is situated in Izhevskoe, the native villageof the scientist. The Ryazan period of Tsiolkovskys life, his theory, fragments from the history of cosmonautics, a space apparatus and other objects from the sphereof space investigations are described here.
Everything about honey and beekeeping is widely presented in the museum of honey which is organized on the basis of the Institute of beekeeping.
The museum is organized on the basis of the Institute,which is situated in the Ryazan region. Its expositionpresents the history of horse — breeding, different racesof horses, peculiarities of their breeding and lookingafter them, the variety of harness.
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The museum is created on the basis of the Inter-regionschool of masters. The exhibits of the museum presentsthe variety of styles of wooden architecture, demonstrate Russian culture and old traditions.
The Svyato-Uspensky Vyshinsky Convent is popular with pilgrims of Russia. It was founded in 1625. Here are Saint Feofans relic and the icon of Kazanskaya Mother of God. In these places there are a lot of holy springs with pure and cool water.
Lunino village is a geographical center of the Ryazan region.
The museum keeps about 300 different exhibit items, representing the four centuries of Russian tea-drinking tradition.
The Kasimov Museum of Local Lore, one of the oldest museums of the Ryazan region, has more than 20 distinctive and interesting collections: archaeological artifacts, icons, wooden polychromatic statuary art, graphic arts, painting, Russian and Tatar ethnographical collections.
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