The Ryazan Kremlin

The Glory of Ryazan is the Ryazan Kremlin. It is the ancient historical heart of the city. Throughout the long history of its existence the Kremlin has been rebuilt many times and eventually it has been formed into an entire architectural complex. It comprises a number of outstanding monuments of Old Russian architecture and the classicism of the XV-XIX centuries.

In 1968 the architectural monuments of the Kremlin ensemble, repository collections and the archeological site of Old Ryazan became the basis for creation of the historical and architectural reserve museum. The Museums thematic collections (Old Russian art, archeology, ethnography) are extensive. They include decorative needlework items, unique Old Ryazan treasure troves of the pre-yoke period, folk clothes, and traditional industry items. 

In 1995 the museum was included into the National Cultural Heritage Register of Russia.

Every year the museum hosts a number or festive activities: a festival of military history «Truba, zovuschaya na rat» («Trumpet that gathers the army for the battle»), a charitable festive activity «Letnii den v Kremle» («A Summer Day in the Kremlin»).

Address: Ryazan, Kremlin, 15
Tel.: (4912) 27-60-65, 27-60-66 (excursions),


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