The resort village of Solotcha is located near Ryazan. This is a great place to relax and improve your health at any time of the year. Solotcha is surrounded by Meshchersky National park, on the border of two climatic zones: meadows and pine forests, so the clean air of Solotcha has healing properties and has a beneficial effect on health.

On one of the streets of Solotcha, in a large wooden house, there is a Museum of I.P. Pozhalostina, the last master of the classical engraving school. The Museum presents personal belongings and tools of the academician. This house is famous for the fact that the writer K. G. Paustovskij lived here for a long time, who wrote a lot about these places. Not far from the Museum is a map with an ecological route called the «Paustovskij Trail».

address: 16 Monastyrskaya Square, Solotcha village, Ryazan


One of the most interesting sights of village is «Solotcha Nunnery of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary». It was founded in 1390 in pine forest on the high bank of the ancient river bed by Oleg Ivanovich, the Grand Duke of Ryazan. Before his death, the holy grand Duke Oleg became a monk with the name of Jonah. The monastery was reborn as a nunnery on November 26, 1994. The relics of St.Duke Oleg, which had been kept in Ryazan Historical and Architectural Museum Reserve. Were returned to the Church and are now in the nunnery in the temple of the Holy Spirit.

address: 1a Monastyrskaya Square, Solotcha village, Ryazan




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