Oksky National Park

Oksky National Park is a calm and picturesque place in Meschera. It is situated in 300 km from Moscow and in 120 km from Ryazan. A special attention in the Park is paid to research and conservation of rare species of animals. The nurseries for breeding thoroughbred aurochs, Russian muskrat are known not only in Russia but also in many foreign countries.

The nursery of rare species of cranes is the only place where one can see all the species of Russian cranes. The workers of the Park were the first in the world who created the technology for salvation of Siberian White Cranes. Little Cranes are taught how to walk, and afterwards — how to fly, to communicate with other cranes; generally speaking, they are taught to live.

Along the traditional ones, the new, exclusive touristic programs for the Parks visitors were created: «Observation of the birds in nature» (tour for the professionals), «Guests at Russian muskrats and beavers» (water/auto tour), and «Cranes on the land» (the visitors observe the process of cranes nestlings training for their further introduction to the nature).

Address: Brykin pine forest, Spassky district, Ryazan region
Tel./fax: (49135) 7-22-74; 8-910-908-87-44


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