Skopin ceramics

One of the most ancient pottery centres in Russia is thetown of Skopin (Ryazan region). Skopin pottery craftappeared in 1640 and developed as many others in Russia. But in the second part of the XIX century in Skopin appeared a new branch, which glorified this place. It was the production of glazed vessels and candlesticksin the shape of fantastic animals and birds, decoratedwith complicated patterns. Skopin got great popularity rather quickly. In the longyears of its existence the pottery craft of Skopin has undergonesignificant changes: the figured ceramic itemsare now made much smaller in size. The souvenirs,decorative figurines and vessels of Skopin are nowadayscast into gypsum moulds or shaped by hand. The original articles of Skopin pottery craft are a visiting-card of the Ryazan region. It is the best souvenirfrom our land.

The museum of Russian ceramics is the only museum of the kind in Russia. It was opened in the town of Scopin (Ryazan region)not by chance — Scopin pottery craft is one ofthe oldest in our country. The collection of the museumpresents unique items of various potters techniquesof famous Russian masters. Here you have an opportunityto watch the process of pottery-making and takepart in it.

The museum of Russian ceramics
Address: Ryazan region, Scopin
phone: +7 (49156) 2-24-29


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