What to bring from Ryazan?

The best souvenirs are magnificent handicrafts of Ryazan folks. These are the famous Mikhailov lace, Skopin decorative ceramics, Kadom needle embroidery «Veniz», Shilovo willow goods. If you are looking for a good gift, you should consider books, written by Sergey Yesenin, the great Russian poet. One can also find various souvenirs, reflecting his lifes work.

Where to buy souvenirs? Ryazan 

The Shop «Ryazan souvenir»  (1, Seminarskaya st.)

«Ryazanskij dvorik» (23 Sobornaya st.)

«Pervyj suvenirnyj» (4 pavillion, 31 Moskovskoe shosse st.)

«Pokupaj Ryazanskoe». Local products from Ryazan region.  (4 Svobody st.) 

In pastry shops «Rimskie kanikuly» (56 Svobody st.)

In bookstores «Bars» . There you can buy Sergey Esenins books, local history books, land and road maps, guides and charts.

Rybnoye district, Konstantinovo
In Trade and Exhibition Centre of S.A. Esenin Museum — Estate, aside from folk art products and paintings, you can buy a unique collection of essays «Your Esenin», bound in leather with gold or silver edges, with a medal and a certificate for a collector's edition.

Skopin City
Skopin decorative ceramics company store, located on the territory of the «Skopinskaya keramika» (Skopin decorative ceramics) factory (93, Pushkin Str., Skopin, Ryazan region).
Online store:

Mikhailov City
At the «Trugenitsa» factory (5, Trugenits Str., Mikhailov City, Ryazan region) art pieces, decorated by a special colored lace, handmade embroidery tablecloths, napkins, curtains, tracks, feminine clothes can be purchased.

Shilovo regional settlement
There is a large range of wicker goods on sale, including elegant wicker furniture, items for interior decoration and child's sled in an integrated industrial complex of LLC «Shilovskaya loza» (Shilovo Willow) (34, Ryazanskaya Str., Shilovo settlement, Ryazan region).

Kasimov City
In the souvenir shop of Kasimov Museum of Local Lore (7/8, Cathedral Sqr., Kasimov City, Ryazan region) you can buy various souvenirs made of wood, pottery, handmade dolls, patchwork, paintings, original products of Kasimovs painting.
In the shops of the city you can buy products of the confectionery factory that produces gourmet chocolates under the brand of «Commitment to Quality».


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