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Ryazan and environs: where to go this fall?

October 1, 2019
What is autumn? Rain, melancholy or bright colors and romance? Or all at once? Everyone answers this question in their own way. But autumn is definitely not a reason to stay at home, but a reason to change the situation and go for new experiences.  

Just 200 km from Moscow you will see Ryazan — a city with almost 1000 years of history, surprises with its versatility, Yesenin places that can inspire anyone, reserved Meshchersky trails, and more. In this article you will find the best ideas for autumn travel in the Ryazan region:

1)To understand why Ryazan is more than a city
Ancient history is reflected in the streets and unusual museums. Here you can see the «staff of Peresvet» and the treasures of Old Ryazan, evaluate the skill of Ryazan masters, learn how Ivan Pavlov from the son of a poor priest in Ryazan turned into the first scientist of Russia, taste the  Ryazan candy, cooked according to old recipes — the list goes on for a long time.

2) To find oriental flavor in the Russian province
Kasimov city of Ryazan region is known as the brother of Moscow and the nephew of Kazan. In the old days the Tatars called it «Khan Kerman», which means"Khan's city". On its streets and squares you can see the original mix of 2 cultures: Russian and Tatar. How did this happen? Look for the answer to this question in the historical and cultural Museum-reserve and at the exhibition in the building of the Old mosque.Another highlight of Kasimov — collections. What things here just do not see: samovars and bells, ladies ' jewelry and ancient fossils.

3)To celebrate Sergey Yesenin's birthday
This poet needs no introduction for more than 100 years. He was born in autumn, this time of year with special warmth described in his poems. For this reason, to visit his homeland in September and October will be quite symbolic. In addition, the Golden autumn in these places inspires any creativity. At least a photo. A picture on the high Bank of the Oka river is a mandatory item of any tourist program. On weekends, you can become a guest of various festivals that are held on the eve of the  poet's  birthday.

4)To walk along the reserved paths of Ryazan Meschera and find inner harmony
Pine trees, forest lakes with clear water and quiet rivers-landscapes of the national Park «Meshchersky» and the village of Solotcha are truly fascinating. And in the autumn the picture begins to play with special colors. Coniferous forest remains green, and deciduous acquires a variety of shades from yellow to red. In these places, tourists are waiting for a variety of routes: from small promenades to multi-kilometer hikes on protected trails.
5)Active leisure
In everyday life, we sometimes do not have enough adrenaline and adventure. Fortunately, this is fixable. In the Ryazan region, you can plenty of drive on a great track for karting, fly in the wind tunnel or a balloon. Those who prefer a more relaxing holiday can go to the Ecopark «Polyany » or the water park «Gorki».

See you soon!
About what else to see in Ryazan and the region, read the section «Tourist Sights».