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Gastronomic souvenir and dessert of the New year's capital

November 27, 2019
What is the new year associated with? Of course with tangerines and all the famous sparkling drink. Ryazan will destroy these stereotypes! 

«Culinary brand»  of New year capital is the «Kalinnik». It is a dessert of rye, wheat and cherry flour with a filling of viburnum jam, covered with a glaze of white chocolate and condensed milk.  In addition, in cafes and restaurants of the city you can get acquainted with the drink «Taste of Ryazan», which includes a herbal collection, Ivan-tea, ginger, sage, eucalyptus and thyme. Also for Ryazan residents and guests of the New year's capital will be organized gastronomic festivals «cuisine of the Ryazan Region», «Glintfest» and «Pie-2020» with various treats.Come and taste the New year's capital 2020!

Where to taste and buy the «Kalinnik»?  Grafin cafe-club address: 36 Tatarskaya st.,phone;+7 (4912) 50-44-45; in «Bylina» on Lybidska Boulevard.



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