Opening of new routes of «Paustovskys trail»

July 24, 2020
On July 23, the Ryazan regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society completed the construction of the new routes «Okskie prostory» and «Meshchyorskie ozyora» in the village of Solotcha. In addition, a tourist booklet with a map of all eight routes of the Trail has been released.

Meshchera has a special place in the work of the great Russian writer Konstantin Paustovsky. From 1930 to 1954, Paustovsky regularly lived in Solotch, including in the estate of the outstanding Russian artist-engraver I.P. Pozhalostina. Walking around the neighborhood inspired the writer. Here are written works of the famous «Meshchersky cycle», including the story «Telegram», in gratitude for which the incomparable singer and actress Marlene Dietrich in 1963 on the stage knelt before the writer and kissed his hand. It is no accident that Paustovsky was awarded the honorary title «Singer of Meschera».

The route «Okskie prostory" (20 km) passes through the writer's favorite Prioksky places, where he liked to fish, collect meadow strawberries and just walk. Route «Meshchyorskie ozyora" (50 km) allows you to see the real pearls of Meshchera — lakes «Segdenskoe», «CHyornen'koe», «Urzhinskoe».


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