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How to celebrate «Men's Day» in Ryazan?

February 18, 2021
Men's Day is a great reason to plan a trip to Ryazan. We offer some ideas for a holiday on February 23:

- learn about the exploits of Evpaty Kolovrat and other Russian heroes in the Ryazan Kremlin.The exhibition «Russian Army» will tell about the prince's squad and the Streltsy army, about the creation of the regular Russian army and its officers. The last halls are dedicated to the Patriotic Wars of 1812 and 1941-1945.

- get acquainted with the history of the winged infantry in the Museum of the Airborne Forces.A large collection of parachutes, equipment, weapons and military uniforms is stored in 12 halls from the time of the founding of the winged infantry in 1930 to the present day. The stands are filled with photos of the soldiers, their medals, operational documents, front-line newspapers and letters. You can even see the personal account of paratrooper No. 1-Vasily Margelov. The role of guides is often performed by former paratroopers, as well as those who were involved in hot spots and battles.

The Museum of military automotive equipment is no less interesting. There are cars from the Second World War, Soviet rarities, modern military and repair equipment.- take a look at the collection of edged weapons from different eras. The museum's expositions were created on the principle of «one subject — one story». The blade is always the semantic center of the composition. All the drama presented to us through engravings, paintings, costumes, books, awards, elements of uniforms unfolds around him.

- take a ride in the Atron motorsport complex. There are trails for various types of cars and motor sports, carting rental, RingTaxi rental, sports equipment rental.

- go fishing. The traditional Cup of the «Okskaya Zhemchuzhina» in the winter fishathlon-2021 will be held on February 21 (Sunday) on Lake Zhiden! Participation is free of charge,


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