May Day

April 27, 2021
The May weekend is perfect for a short trip.We share the best travel ideas:
  • walk around the city with almost 1000 years of history.Each of the central streets of Ryazan has its own charm.
  • to be in Europe. 
Munsterskaya Street is located a couple of minutes ' walk from the Ryazan Arbat with German and Dutch-style buildings. Nearby you can find the smallest monument in the city, the original English bus and many other art objects.Another unusual location is the «Fishing Village» in the Norwegian style. The brightest part of the complex is the lighthouse, where there is an observation deck. The village is located a few km from Ryazan, near the village of Shumash.

  • remember the heroes and their exploits.  It is very symbolic to look into the museum of the history of the Airborne Forces. There are more than 80,000 exhibits, 12 halls and 2 dioramas. You can also visit the Museum of the history of cold weapons named after Zakharov. In the region, you should pay attention to the «Museum of Defense and Home Front» in the village of Bagramovo, Rybnovsky district. It preserves the memory of the labor feat of women. And the museum of military glory «Iron Knights» of the village of Pogost Kasimovsky district has an exhibition dedicated to the fighting in the Leningrad region.

  • learn the secrets of fashionistas from the past in the historical salon «Flavor of time».
  • open the swimming season in the water park or open-air thermal baths.
  • conquer the Pra river and other rivers of the Ryazan region.

  • recharge with an energy of the forest in Solotch. The resort village is ideal for relaxing and long walks among the ancient pine trees.
  • explore the colorful Kasimov. The Russian-Tatar city on the bank of the Oka River has preserved the Muslim monuments and architecture of the provincial city.

  • be inspired by the motherland of Yesenin.Museums recreate the atmosphere of the beginning of the XX century and reveal the work of the poet from different sides. Konstantinovo is transformed and its main decoration is the blooming gardens.
  • have a picnic in Erlin park.The park is considered the older brother of the famous Sochi arboretum.


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