Application «A Journey to Russia»

August 28, 2014

Tourist Information Centre of the Ryazan Region is pleased to announce the release of a new application for iOS: TopTripTip — «Journey to Russia", which allows you to quickly and easily plan an exciting trip.

The staff of the Tourist Information Centre of the Ryazan region has collected and systematized information about objects of tourist interest in Ryazan and the Ryazan region for onward transmission to the app developers.


The application is meant to give travelers interesting facts about the area, tips, stories, legends, colorful photo galleries and audio tours.


The ultimate purpose of the mobile application TopTripTip is gathering information for tourists traveling to Russia in a single digital product. The application provides users with accurate data, demonstrating an incredible tourist potential of Russia.


To ensure that users have a clear idea of what they can see and how to have fun even in the most remote corners of our country, the developers have done a great job of collecting information by communicating with local experts and tourist-information centers in each of the regions represented in the guide, carefully collecting bits and pieces of interesting and relevant content.


Features and benefits of mobile applications TopTripTip are:


  • access to information even without an Internet connection, which is important, considering the vast territory of the Russian Federation where certain areas lack Internet coverage
  • constantly updating content. The whole team of editors works daily in collaboration with local historians and representatives of the regions to ensure that the information is enriched with new objects, that it is relevant and reliable;
  • capability to pre-plan your route and cultural program of your trip thanks to the travel planning;
  • rating objects, based on the total number of likes, set by users, service recommendations and various filtration systems in order to simplify the process of choosing places to visit;
  • for foreign visitors of our country, all information is presented in the English version. The original texts are adapted by native speakers.


The first version of TopTripTip contains data from 28 regions of Russia, including the Ryazan region. New information will be added regularly.


The application will be adapted for Android in the future. iPhone users can now download the application in the AppStore.



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