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«Meshcherskiy» National Park is going to become a tourist destination

October 8, 2014

«Meshcherskiy» National Park includes the beautiful river Pra and unique Klepiki lakes, an abundance of mushrooms and berries, salubrious forest air. It’s the ideal place for having a holiday with family, walking on foot or by bicycle, kayaking and skiing, recovering your poise and to charge yourself by good vibes for a long time.

The acting director of «Meshcherskiy» National Park Mikhail Urvanzev has revealed the plan of building a large visitor center on the territory of the Park. The facility will contain congress halls, exhibitions, as well as accommodations for visitors to the National Park.

According to Mikhail Urvanzev, the National Park was created for people and should not be preserved as a mausoleum.

A number of experienced scientists is working on a range of issues, including «Bird watching», which stands as a current priority.



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