Head of Rostourism Oleg Safonov visits tourist sights of the Ryazan Region

November 11, 2016

Om the 19thof October Head of Rostourism Oleg Safonov made a working visit to the Ryazan Region. Together with Governor of the Ryazan Region Oleg Kovalyov he took part in the ceremony of the opening of a new congress hotel Amax in Ryazan.

The new congress hotel entered the famous hotel network functioning in our country. The new hotel contains 224 rooms including the ones for disabled people, a restaurant, a lobby bar, a fitness centre and conference halls. About 200 mln roubles were invested in the project. What is still left to do is to finish the improvement of the hotel area as well as the decoration work inside the building. 136 of the hotel rooms, the restaurant, conference and service rooms are already finished.

According to Oleg Safronov the new hotel will become a major attraction for tourists and will provide all the conditions for comfortable rest. The Ryazan Region has a potential for tourism development as it is situated not far from Moscow, possesses the necessary room supply and recreation objects. As Safronov says, the tourist flow increases annually in the Ryazan Region, hotels and other prominent objects are built, the region is changing positively.

Oleg Safonov and Oleg Kovalyov also examined the hotel and restaurant complex Stary Gorod on the Myunsterskaya Street. The site is constructed according to the Federal Program Developing Domestic and Inbound Tourism in Russia (2011-2018). The program already initiated the opening of such sites as the tourism and leisure complex Okskaya Zhemchuzhina andthe complex V Nekotorom Tsartstve. Soon the complex Rybatskaya Derevnya and the hotel Stary Gorod will open. Oleg Safronov and Oleg Kovalyov looked through the plans of further development of the sphere — the projects of the ecopark Polyany and the history and theme park Ryazan Park.



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