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Ryazan region becomes the Mushroom Capital of Russia

October 22, 2018

The specializing in booking accomodation online has questioned gastronomic tourists about the best mushroom festivals and fests that took place in Russia this year. 

According to the results of the survey the Ryazan region has been declared to be the region with the most interesting mushroom festival. In September the village of Laskovo in the Ryazan district hosted the 6th annual festival «In Ryazan Mushrooms Have Eyes». 57% of the voters gave their voices for the Ryazan region. TOP-3 of the regions with the best mushroom festivals also include the Perm region and Udmurtia with 14% of the voters. 57% voters gave their voices for the Ryazan region.

The poll numbers were obtained through social media by questioning tourists. is the leading Russian website for booking hotels, apartments and houses during rest and travel.



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