Kadom district


Geographical location

Kadom district is situated in the north-east of Ryazan region in the distance of 245 km from Ryazan and borders upon Ermish, Sasovo, Pitelin districts and Mordova republic. 30,2% of its territory is covered by woods. Flora is rather rich and various. Squirrels, foxes, martens, elks, hares, bears, wild boars, wolves can be found everywhere. The Moksha river is the main water-way. Two tributaries — the Vud and the Ermish — flow into the river.

Brief history

Kadom territory, which was inhabited by mordva tribe from the old times, used to be a part of Ryazan princedom. First record of Kadom is in Nickonís chronicle (1209). Itís assumed, that Kadom got its name from Tatar Kadim-khan.
Some villages of this territory were springing up and developing because of Kadom obstructionís (military engineer defensive installation) raise in XVI century, which was designed as an element of Big obstruction line. As the boundary of the Russian state widened, Kadom fortress lost its significance and Kadom became an administrative centre.

Tourist resources

Cultural and educational tourism

Kadom veniz

The beginning of unique Kadom embroidery goes deep in centuries. According to a legend, Peter I prohibited buying lace abroad and ordered to teach Russian nuns the art of twining Venetian lace. The legend says that nuns were brought to Kadom, where they taught local needlewomen to create fantastic patterns. Kadom women quickly mastered the intricate art and started making marvelous Venetian lace. Soon, based on this teqnique, a unique needle embroidery «veniz» was created.
White cloth, cottons and ordinary needle do miracles when a master deals with them.
Silky delicate transparent ornaments on the net make embroidery original and distinctive. «Veniz» is a hard kind of embroidery. To perform a delicate ornamental pattern 5 centimeters in diameter an experienced needlewoman has to spend not less than 8 hours of work.
These strict and solemn embroideries, light in weight and snow-white in colour, will add unique comfort to an interior of your house and charming individuality to your appearance. Today a factory «Kadom veniz» saves and develops traditions of Kadomís embroidery. At the factory programs of visiting workshops of manual and machine embroidery and master-classes are provided for tourists.
«Kadom veniz»
Address: Ryazan region, townlike village Kadom, Lenin Street, 47
Phone: (49139) 5-11-49, 5-13-75

Kadom museum of local lore

The museum shows centuries-old history (nearly 800 years) of Kadom and the uyezd — the district. There are many exhibits, telling visitors about the history of Kadom-town and Kadom-fortress. Exposition «Lace, embroidery, weaving of Kadom» is widely presented here. The history and work of lace trade «Kadom veniz» provokes particular interest.
Pride of the museum is an exhibition devoted to scientists from Kadom and thematic collections: «From a splinter to electricity», «Stone, wood, metal, plastic, glassÖ», «Numismatic collection», etc.
Address: Ryazan region, townlike village Kadom, Lenin Street, 27
Phone: (49139) 5-19-60

Kochemirovo village

Kochemirovo village has its history back to XVII century. Nowadays itís one of the few villages, which kept some features and peculiarities of traditional Russian way of life. Kochemirovo village is mentioned in tax books of Erekhtinís whitecaps of 1630 and in pay replies of 1697. Martyn Kireev (1869) wrote that the name of the village came from words «kochka» (hummock) and «mir» (world, land). There was a big bog or swamp behind the village, which had huge peat hummocks. In winters peasants used to take them out on horses to landlordís fields. A word «mir» also means a union of all the settlers.

Museum «Russian izba»

The museum was opened in 2006 in an ancient village Kochemirovo of Kadom district. There are furniture, kitchen utensils and other common objects of a Russian house, male and female clothes, shoes, hand made embroideries, knittings, loomworks and production of local craftsmen in the exposition. At the museum fragments of ancient ceremonies are demonstrated, folk collectives perform and pickles made by grannyís recipes are offered. Visitors are offered such interactive programs as: «Ah seny, my seny!», «Mother-stove», «Grannyís box», «Sitting by wicker fence», «One day of a Russian country woman», «A girl went for water».
Address: Ryazan region, Kadom area, Kochemirovo village
Phone: (49139) 5-91-25,

Church of the Virgin of Mercy

Church of the Virgin of Mercy is a rare one, that didnít suffer in the years of the most cruel attacks on churches. A unique icon, which was made in XIX century in Paris by special order, has been preserved till our time.

National festivities in Kochemirovo

Kochemirovo is one of the few villages, where original Russian traditions and customs are carefully kept. Visitors o the village will be glad to take part in such traditional national celebrations as: Zagovenie, The Old New year, Kreshenie, Maslenica, Palm Sunday, Trinity Sunday, Ivan Kupala, Pokrov.

Kotelino village

Kotelino village appeared in 1602. You can hear a distinctive dialect, taste a traditional treat «ciroega» and become a participant of an ancient ceremony «Wedding in Kotelino». The main object to note in the village is Nicola church, which was built in 1916 to replace an old wooden church in the name of Nicolay-wonderworker, founded in 1768 year. Diocesan architect Vladimir Ivanovich Freiman took part in its construction. It is supposed that there are only 3 churches built according to this project in the world. Nicola church is a wonderful monument of architecture, it seems to be a miracle that it appeared in such a poorly populated area.

Voshod village

In the village visitors are invited to join local celebrations «Di-dik» (Trinity day for kids) and «Avsení». These holidays are traditional only for this village, they arenít celebrated anywhere else in Russia.

Pilgrim tourism

Milostivo-Bogoroditski cloister (Kadom)

Religious directors of the cloister were Serafim Sarovski, Nazari, Illarion. Till 1920 the cloister was headed by 6 Mother Superiors; on the cloisterís territory burial places of 2 Mother Superiors Ėnun Rafaila and nun Filareta- were found.

There is the icon of Holy Martyr Panteleimon, painted on a cypress board with a dedicatory inscription and sanctified on Afon Holy mountain in Russian cloister of Holy Martyr and Healer Panteleimon. The wonder-working icon of Kickís Holy Mother "GraciousĒ is brought from Athos. Many parishioners have gotten blessed help from these icons.

Near the cloister 2 holy wells of Ioann Predtecha and Kosma and Damian are located.

Dimitriev cathedral (Kadom)

Dimitriev cathedral is one of 12 Kadomís churches, which works till the present time. The cathedral leads its history from the first quarter of XVIII century, it has been reconstructed several times. Today itís a stony cathedral with 3 thrones: the main middle throne is devoted to Dimitri Rostovski and is named in his honor; the right throne is devoted to Ioann Predtecha and was built with effort of Kadomís merchant I.I.Burenin; the left one first was devoted to the great martyr Ekaterina, now itís holy Mihail Cernigovskiís. An image of Vladimir, the grand Kiev duke and the Christener of Russia, is portrayed on the first column of this left side altar. There is also an icon of holy duchess Olga.

A holy well «Panika»

The well is located 8 km to the south-west from Kadom. According to a legend, the place is named after a duke-owner Panika, who lived here in the pagan times; he tortured and killed first Kadom Christians near the well. Afterwards, helmits-cristians built a chapel on this place and there «water gushed forth from the well».

The well water has hazy blue color, is clear and strongly interprets the sun rays. People believe in its healing properties, there are examples of miraculous cure with the help of the holy well.

There are a lot of legends concerning Panika and the holy well: about an icon of «Ioann Predtecha headís cutting off», hidden in a cave; about a treasure, buried half a mile from this place by a famous robber «under the stone with strange signs».

Hunting. Fishing

Kadom district is surrounded by wild forests from 3 sides. Flora is rather rich and various. Squirrels, foxes, martens, elks, hares, bears, wild boars, wolves can be found everywhere. There is carp, pike and cat-fish in rivers and lakes.


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