Kasimov district


Geographical location

Kasimov district is situated in the north-eastern area of the Ryazan region, 165 km from Ryazan and 285 km from Moscow, in the middle of East European Plain, on the Meshcherskaya and Mokshanskaya Lowlands.

The main district river is the Oka. The largest inflows are the Gus, the Unzha and the Tashenka. Forests occupy the half of the district territory — 51,1%.

Brief history

The territory, which Kasimov district occupies, called Meshchera, is from of old famous for its impassable swamps, lakes and forests.

The history of the district chief town Kasimov is very interesting. Its original name was Gorodets Meshcherskiy. Gorodets was founded in 1152 as a stronghold for the south-eastern borders of the Prince of Suzdal Yuriy Dolgorukiyís lands.

In 1452 prince Vasiliy granted Gorodets Meshcherskiy as a domain to prince Kasim, which laid the foundations of the apanage Tatar khanate. After Kasimís death in 1471 Gorodets was renamed into KasimovÖ

During the reign of Peter the First Kasimov was subsumed to court volosts (districts). Since 1708 Kasimov has belonged to the Kazan province, since 1719 — to the Shatsk district of the Azov province, also called the Voronezh province.

In 1796, after administrative division into provinces Kasimov became a district chief-town of the Ryazan province.

Tourist resources

Cultural and educational tourism

The Batashevs Industrial Estate Manor (Gus Zhelezniy village)
The mining manufacturers Batashevs Industrial Estate Manor of the Peter epoch is a monument of the XIX century. It includes functional Troitskaya Church (Trinity Church), built in 1802-1868 and remarkable for its unordinary architecture; an industrial building, smithy building, storeroom, trading arcade, pond and dam, park, fencing, five workers houses and a necropolis (decorative stone and cast iron headstones complex). There are many spine-chilling legends about the manor Andrey Batashev. According to rumors, he committed a lot of crimes.

Yelatíma village is a former chief town first mentioned in the chronicles in 1381.

The Yelatíma Museum of Local Lore
The Yelatíma Museum of Local Lore represents the history of Yelatíma from ancient times to the modern age. In the paleontology section one can look at a unique collection of pelagian reliquiae, which have been found on Yelatíma territory. Such species variety can be found nowhere in the world but here. Other sections can provide an information about medieval arms of the times, when the town was a fortress, about Yelatíma as a merchant town and about life of the town, which once was a great cultural and educational center.

Address: Ryazan Region, Kasimov District, Yelatíma
Tel: 8-906-540-22-22

Yelatíma monuments of architecture and history

The Trading Arcade: Yelatíma center is beautified by the stone Trading Arcade (1840), designed in 1810 by famous architects Grigoríyev brothers, the project was signed by Italian architect Visconti.
The Batashevs Palace (XVIII) — The architectural complex consisted of 3 buildings. The single-floor building is extant.
The Raevskiys Manor (XIX) N.V.Raevskiy, the manor owner, is a representative of one of the Raevskiys kin bracnch, which decembrist Chaadayev, 1812 year war hero general Raevskiy, princess Volkonskaya and others belong to. There is a supposition that the manor was bought from count Yusupov.
Boys Progymnasia (elementary school) opened in 1873 thanks to efforts of School Council chief chamberlain Grave. At that time there were no such schools in the area (Kasimov, Murom), only Moscow, St.Petersburg, Odessa and Voronezh had ones at their disposal. Thus many well-to-do people send their children to study here. Nowadays a secondary school is situated there.
Moats — are defensive fortifications, survived form the times, when Yelatíma was a fortress town. The unique character of that defense system lies in its structure: apart from the moats there is also a watch island.

The church complex (Pogost village)
The church complex of Pogost village, formerly named Gusevskoy Pogost, includes a chapel built in the late XVII century, Nikolskaya Church (1771) and the Church of Transfiguration (1794).

Uspenskaya Church (Dormitory Church) (Yermolovo village)
The church, built in 1795 on a high hill by A.R.Batashevís order, is a vivid monument of the classical architecture. It has very much in common with other churches, built by the Batashevs in Kasimov and Vyksa areas.

Uspeniya Presvyatoy Bogoroditsy Church (Dormitory Church) (Saburovo village)
The wooden church was built in 1799 by manufacturer I.R.Batashevís order without a single nail.


Pilgrim tourism

Troitskaya Church (Trinity Church) (Gus Zhelezniy village)
This church is a unique combination of the later baroque, classicism and pseudo-Gothic elements. Andrey Rodionovich Batashev decided to built it, or he even may have been the one who lay the foundation. The design is attributed to V.I.Bazhenov. Anyway such a complicated but balanced form could be certainly created only by a first-rate architect.
Among the holy icons the most revered by the congregation is the Bogolyubskaya icon of Divine Mother. Another relic is a small silver communion cross, where John the Miloslavskiyís and other Saintsí particle embedded into.

Anemnyasevo village
There is a chapel in Anemnyasevo built at the place, where the house of locally revered Ryazan Saint Matrona the Blessed had situated. Its visitors often noted that Matrona the Blessed helped them in response to their prayers. The Saint Matrona the Blessed day is celebrated on the 29 of Yuly in Gus Zhelezniy and Anemnyasevo villages.

Daníkovo village
Daníkovo is a small village with a dozen of farms. The main Daníkovo sight is a wooden churchlet — The Chirch of Nativity and Saint Martyr Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, which is a federal monument of the XVIII century. The main church relic is the wonderworking Kazan icon of Divine Mother, which miraculously revived in 1992-1994s. The icon is myrrh-pouring, it helps the faithful to cure their malady.

Ethnographical tourism

Podlipki and Akhmatovo villages
There is an active Tatar communities in the villages. They treasure and hand down from generation to generation the language, customs, traditions, ceremonies, Tatar national costumes, household appliances and utensils. Tatar families celebrate Kurban Bayram and Eid al-Fitr. Tatars from Kasimov as well as people from Sasovo an‚ Yermish districts, Ryazan and Kazan, come here to celebrate a Tatar national holiday Sabantuy.

Event tourism

Kasimov area is polyethnic: Russians, Tatars and other nations live and work there together. Sabantuy is a rejoicing of nature refreshment, a day of veneration of a plough, agriculture and the Earth Mother.
Kasimov Sabantuy is celebrated annually on the 12 of June on the Russia Day and has become a multinational holiday of community of all nations: Russian and Tatar songs are sung, allcomers and contests based on Russian and Tatar folklore are held.
Special attention is attracted to the trading arcade, where the festival visitors can taste the dishes of Russian and Tatar cuisine.

Active tourism

The Gus river
The Gus river, the Oka left inflow, flows on the Ryazan region territory through Gus Zhelezniy village. It is made good use of for kayaking.

The Syntulskoye artificial lake
Syntul is an old workers settlement 10 km from Kasimov. The main point of interest there is an artificial lake with 1,04 in surface area. Its storage is 2,5 million cubic meter. This is both an excellent place for a vacation and the main training base for Russian rowers.

Health tourism

«Prioka» recreation center
Treatment: respiratory, cardiovascular, locomotorium, urological and alimentary organs diseases, neuropathy, gynecopathy. Bedspace: 120
Address: Ryazan Region, Kasimov District, Selesnyovo, «Prioka» recreation center.
Tel.:(49131) 3-13-68, 3-03-66, Fax::(49131) 2-22-21

Hunting and fishing

«Dolgovskoye» recreation facility
Bedspace: 25
Room types: cottages for 5 persons
Services: gambling house; hare, fox, wolf, boar, moorfowl hunt, fishing, kayaking, hydrocycle row, motor-boating, horse rides, jeeping.
Address: Ryazan Region, Kasimov District, Chetaevo
Tel.: 8-910-900-92-54


«Dynamo» rowing center
Bedspace: 80
Address: Ryazan Region, Kasimov District, Syntul
Tel.: 8 (49131)2-62-23, 2-63-62

JSC Yelatomskiy Instrument Plant Hotel
Bedspace: 10
Address: Ryazan Region, Kasimov District, Yelatíma, Lunacharskogo St. 24
Tel.: (49131)91-3-43, 91-2-91. Fax.: (49131)2-09-60


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