Klepiki district


Geographical location

Klepiki district is situated in the western part of the south-eastern natural-economic area of the Ryazan region. The district chief town — Spas Klepiki is 67 km from Ryazan. Klepiki territory belongs to an area of mixed coniferous-broad-leaved forests.

Water sources are formed by the rivers Pra, Narma and Gus and by the numerous lakes, the largest of which are the Beloye, Velikoye(2 namesake), Ivanovskoye, Martynovo, Rusanovo, Sokorevo, Shagara. Forests occupy more than 50% of the districts territory.

Brief history

Klepiki district is situated in Meshchera, which territory partially covers the three regions: the Moscow, Ryazan and Vladimir region. Meshchera is called so due to a grandeval tribe of the Finno-Ugric language group — meshchera, who lived in the first century B.C. at the middle Oka area.
The heart of Meshchera is a small district town Spas Klepiki, which got its name after Spaso-Preobrazhenskaya Church and the word «klepik» — a fish knife («klepiki» is the place of splitting the take).

Tourist resources

Cultural and educational tourism

Spas Klepiki Second-class Normal School
Spas Klepiki is Esenins second mental native land after Konstantinovo. Here a second-class normal school, where Esenin studied from 1909 to 1912, is situated. The exposition of the Klepiki section of the reserve museum describes the educational system in the pre-revolutionary Russia. Just at this school Esenin had revealed his poetic talent and thanks to language arts teacher E.M. Khitrov good graces began to concern himself with literature.
Address: Ryazan Region, Spas Klepiki, Uritskova St, 47
Tel.: (4912) 2-66-66

The Wooden Architecrture Museum
In 1997 the unique Interregional Craftsmen School was founded in Lunkino village (Klepiki district, Ryazan region). There youngsters taught by skilled painters and woodcarvers learned the old secrets of wood craftsmanship and painting.
The best masterpieces form the base of The Wooden Architecrture Museum exposition, where the best pieces of teachers and educatees work can be seen. Over several years the museum fund has enriched its fund and now there are 168 different items of wood engraving and 109 pieces of art in all painting and graphics styles.
Address: Ryazan Region, Spas Klepiki District, Lunkino
Tel.: 8-906-548-44-92

Trinity Church (Tuma village)
The project belongs to architect Kazakov. This was a trial, and later churches in Moscow were built conforming to that sample. The building is remarkable for its beautiful floor, covered with the ornamental ceramic tile. The floor surface looks like an even glass.
The cathedral was painted by artists and apprentices under V.Vasnetsov supervision. The paintings have military subjects: Boris and Gleb, Dmitriy Donskoy, Alexandr Nevskiy — the church verily looks like a soldier at watch.
Another special feature of the church is a marble altar with a flawless ornament. The altar was delivered from Moscow and the icons for it were painted by Vladimir bogomazes belonged to an old Rublev school.


«Meshcherskiy» National Park
«Meshcherskiy» National Park includes the beautiful river Pra and unique Klepiki lakes, an abundance of mushrooms and berries, salubrious forest air. Its the ideal place for having a holiday with family, walking on foot or by bicycle, kayaking and skiing, recovering your poise and to charge yourself by good vibes for a long time.
The most popular among tourists are water routes «Klepiki Lakes», «Klepiki Brykin Bor» and a pedestrian route «Paustovskiy path». Environment cognitive excursions «Window to Nature» and «Tyukov Grad. Chyornaya Gora» can show you a miraculous world of typical Meshchera inhabitants.
Address: Ryazan Region, Spas Klepiki
Tel/Fax: (49142)2-62-75, 2-62-79

Health tourism

«Meshchera» recreation facility
Bedspace: 200
Room types: housing (room for 1,2,3 persons), bungalow for 4-6 persons
Servises: boat station, sauna, gribovarnya (the mushroom salting and marinading facility)
Season activity: year-round
Address: Ryazan Region, Klepiki District, Pavlushkino, «Meshchera» recreation facility
Tel.:(49141) 2-61-22, 2-61-12

Active tourism

Pra Kayaking
Trip type: water
Duration: 3-6 days
Route length: 72-150 km
Sights: monuments of nature, culture, archeology
Tel.:(4912)90-13-83, 99-00-90

Hunting and fishing

«Yemelyanovskiy Prival» Recreation Facility
«Yemelyanovskiy Prival» complex includes 4 holiday houses: all-season «Prudki», «Olgino», «Sergeevo» and summertime «Zavodskaya Sloboda». The houses are situated in a picturesque ecological areas of the Klepiki district, on the Meshchera national park territory near rivers and lakes. Superb fishing and crayfishing, fox, hare, moorfowl hunt, the Pra and Klepiki lakes kayaking are at ones disposal.
Address: Ryazan Region, Spas Klepiki, Sovetskaya St, 6
Tel.: (49142)2-67-12

«Ivanovskoye» Game Husbandry
«Ivanovskoye» Game Husbandry is situated on the Pra left riverside at its Ivanovskoye lake firth. The services are fishing, hare, moorfowl, boar and moose hunt. Accommodation in comfortable houses. Boat hire.
Address: Ryazan Region, Klepiki District, Dunino
Tel.: (49142)2-83-42, 2-63-48

«Meshchera» State Development Game Husbandry
«Meshchera» game husbandry is situated in the area of the Velikoye and the Shagara lakes confluence. The services provided are wild fowl, boar and moose hunt. Accommodation in comfortable houses. Boat hire.
Address: Ryazan Region, Klepiki District, Tyurvishche
Tel.: (49142)2-61-44, 2-62-35


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