Mikhailov district


Geographical location

Mikhailov district is located in the west of southern natural economic zone of theRyazan region. Mikhailov is 68 kilometers from Ryazan, between Ryazan and Oryol. Near to the town the river Pronya with the inflows Zhraka, Loknya, Kerd, Rogovaya flows.

Brief history

Mikhailov is one of the most ancient towns of the Ryazan province. As settlement Mikhailov is known since 13 century. Mikhailov was mentioned as a town in the list of the Ryazan towns in the end of 15 century. In 1551 Ivan the Terrible commissioned his boyars Vorotinsky and Golovin to organize a hard guard line, where they built Mikhailov over again. Town-fortress was built on the left bank of the Pronya and was a defensive point on one of abatis of Moscow state.

In autumn of 1941 Mikhailov stopped fascists near Moscow.

Tourist resources

Cultural and educational tourism

Mikhailov museum of local lore

One of the few museums in Ryazan region, where The Great Patriotic war has showed strikingly and clearly, exploit of soviet people was discovered, participation of people from Mikhailov in hostilities, actions of General Golikov in fascists defeating near Moscow.
Important place in expositions of museum takes the unique trade — lace of Mikhailov.
Address: Ryazan region, Mikhailov, street of Marshak Golikov, 6.
Tel.: (49130) 2-13-75

Lace of Mikhailov

The only place where the colour lace is being weaved for a long time is Mikhailov. Mistresses make patterns of white and colour threads by the wooden wands-bobbins, which are pleasant to the eye by brilliance of ornament and wealth of invoice.
This lace is very distinctive. It doesnt contain flower and vegetable themes, which are very widespread in Russia. Pattern of lace is strict and geometrical-the oldest type of ornament. His elements were symbols of the sun, water, Yin.
Wonderful cheerfulness of Mikhailov lace is in quantity of colours: from modest, restrained and strict to bright, merry combinations of red and white with blue, red and white with yellow, red and black. Technology of numeral lace making is unique and doesnt have any analogs. Sometimes Mikhailov lace makers use up to 60 pairs of bobbins.
In ancient times laces were evaluated by weight and one gram of lace equated with one gram of gold.
Nowadays masters and artists continue creating beautiful items of applied art restoring ancient traditions of unique lace making of Mikhailov, replenishing gold reserves of Russia.
Programs of appointment tourists had developed by Trugenica.
Adress: Ryazan region, Mikhaylov, street of toilers, 5
Tel.:(49130)2-10-61, 2-18-49,

Podatnaya izba
Among extant monuments of ancient Mikhailov, special attention merits a quite rare piece of civil architecture of the beginning of 18 century-Podatnaya izba or the old Treasury. There are patterns of Russian architecture baroque combined with details of old Russian architecture.

Ensemble of farmstead (Krasnoe)
Farmstead in Krasnoe village belonged to a diplomat and general count A.P.Ermolov. It was the brightest and unique monument of architecture of second half of 18 -beginning of 19 century. Ekaterina II gave money for the building, because Ermolov was one of her favourites. This farmstead was layed out by a famous and fashionable architect V.I. Bazhenov and consisted of English park with ponds, house for gentlemen, church and stockyard. Orchard with greenhouse and stables havent remained. The farmyard of the round form has beautiful and original construction Graceful towers with teeth and other white details resemble magic castle and famous Bazhenovs buildings in Tzaritzyno in the Moscow region

The Kazan church (Krasnoe)
The Kazan church was layed in 1786. Ekaterina II presented at laying of the foundation stone, but building was procrastinated until 1810, when Bazhenov and Ekaterina II were already dead. Paying tribute to his imperial , A.P.Ermolov wrote on the gable of the church: «Ot schedrot velikiya Ekateriny». Church with two towers is unusual occurrence for this place.

Archaeological monuments

Jokino ancient settlement
is on the left riverside of the Jraka, flowing into the Pronya. Fortress was built is 12 century. It was a protection for our ancestries. Nowadays you can see only earth banks, which closed three high belts into former rectangle military post.
During archeological excavations, remains of log house with wattle and daub stove, bracelets of glass, cross of copper of 18 century and other things were found here.
Lubyanskoe ancient settlement is on the river Lubyanka, were it falls into the Pronya. Researchers suggests, that Lubyanskoe gorodishe is remains of city-fortress Belgorod, which was destroyed by Batyi.
Izheslavlskoe ancient settlement is on the right riverside of the Pronya opposite Izheslavl settlement. Gorodishe is surrounded by 3 lines of banks and ditches. In northwest corner of this Gorodishe you can see another fortification-citadel, surrounded by two banks and ditch. This is remains of ancient Izheslavets, which was destroyed by Tatars in 1237. Narrative about destruction of Ryazan says: «I nacha Ryazanskuyu zemlu voevat, I povele biti, ceschi zheschi bez milosti. Igrad Pron i Belgrad i Izheslavets razori do osnovaniya».

Event tourism

Festival of lace making and embroidery «Ne bleknut kraski starih krugev» (august)
Festivals program: fair of national crafts, entertainment with traditional dishes of Mikhailov and baked goods, show folk dresses, which are decorated by Mikhailov lace and embroidery, visiting Truzhenica enterprise, masterclass of lace making and embroidery, dressing bobbins ( for children and adults).

Pilgrim tourism

Svyato-Pokrovskii convent (Mikhailov)
It was called Ryazan Pustinsky Pokrovskii convent, and was located in the Ryazan district till 1819. This place is near Kunckoe lake and not far from province centre. In 1819 it was moved to a new place called «black mountain».
In 1850 convent was destroyed, but in 1988 the chapel was built on the territory of former convent and the restoration of convent began. In 1999 wooden temple was consecrated with a very revered icon of Divine Mother.


«Uyut» motel
Bedspace: 28
Address: Ryazan region, Mikhailov, 210th km «Moscow-Astrakhan» road
Tel.: (49130) 2-11-88


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