Miloslavskoye district


Geographical location

Miloslavskoye district is situated in the southern natural-economic area of the Ryazan region, 136 km from the regional center — Ryazan. The district borders on the Skopin district, Ryazhsk districts of the Ryazan region, the Lipetsk region and the Tula region.
Water sources are formed by the following rivers: the Mokraya Polotebnya, Sukhaya Polotebnya, Ranova, Panika, Kochurovka. The Miloslavskoye district is the only area in the Ryazan region, on which territory the Don river is flowing.

Brief history

The first mention of Miloslavskoye village dated back to the XIV century. One usually connect its foundation and name with Tatar murza (prince) Salakhmir kin, turned from the Golden Horde to Oleg Ivanovich, the Grand Prince of Ryazan. After baptizing Salakhmir was given a Christian name Ivan and an Old Russian patronymic name Miroslavovich and married prince Olegs sister Anastasia, obtaining the territory, which now the Miloslavskoye district occupies, as a domain. In the XVII century a part of the Miloslavskaya patrimony was seized by Moscow boyar Matvey Miloslavskiy. In the Okladnaya book (accountant cadastral book) dated back to 1676 there is a reference to Miloslavshchina, «novoslebnoye village». In the first half of the XIX century the village was named Alekseevskoye after the local church, but in the official records it was indicated with the addition «eke Miloslavskoye».

Tourist resources

Cultural and educational tourism

Semyonov-Tien-Shanskiy Memorial Estate
P.P. Semyonov-Tien-Shanskiy (1827-1914) is a well-known geographer, botanist, St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences honorary member, the head of Russian Geographical Society, who had organized the first population census in Russian Empire.
After the restoration of the Semyonovs mansion annex in Gremyachka village, the Semyonov-Tien-Shanskiy Museum was opened in 1975. Its halls represent the scientists paraphernalia: the old copper samovar, travelling trunk, chair, escritoire, insect collection. There also many intravital photographs of P.P. Semyonov-Tien-Shanskiy.

Chernava village
The village is known as a place, which was visited by the Grand Prince of Moscow Dmitriy Ivanovich with his troops in September 1380 on his way to a place, where he should have fight with Mamay Khans army. After passing through Chernava a council was held, there it was decided to cross the Don. There is still an old oak in the village, in the shade of which, according to the legend, prince Dmitriy Donskoy had a rest.
One of the things of great interest about Chernava is a feminine national costume notable for its inimitable style. It is still serves as a festal dress for local long-standing inhabitants.
The distinctive feature of the costume is a headdress, which basis is a tricky hairdo with a satin kerchief over it, called «povoynik». Ears are decorated with «pushki» (fluffies), made of goose fluff.

Hunting and fishing

«Vepr» game husbandry
It is situated in the north-west area of the Miloslavskoye district. The services provided are the following: the Don and the Pra fishing, grey goose, duck, hare and fox hunt. Accommodation in a comfortable house trailer.
Tel: (49157) 2-54-27

«Miloslavskoye District Hunting and Fishery Society»
It is situated at the boundary of the Skopin and Ryazhsk districts to the Lipetsk region boundary. The hunting ground area is 60 000 ha. The services provided are fishing and grey goose, duck, hare and fox hunt.
Accommodation in a comfortable hunting lodges in Myshenka and Savinka villages.
Tel: (49157) 2-19-43

«Lyapigovskoye» hunting society
It is situated in the south-west area of the Miloslavskoye district. Lyapigovskoye society hunting grounds border on the Lipetsk and Tula regions. Grey goose, duck, hare and fox hunt is at ones service.
Accommodation in a comfortable house trailer.
Tel.: (49157) 2-52-32

«Chernava Hunting Ground»
The hunting ground area is 1,3 ha.
Grey goose, duck, hare and fox hunt is at ones service.
Tel.: (49157) 2-52-66


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