Novoderevenskiy district


Geographical location

Novoderevenskiy municipal district borders on the Ukholovo and Ryazhsk districts of the Ryazan region on the north, on the Lipetsk region on the west, on the Tambov region on the south-west. The districtís administrative center is a workers settlement Alexandro-Nevskiy, 141 km from the regional center. The rivers of the district are the following: the Khupta, Stanovaya Ryasa, Lesnoy Voronezh, Lapotok.

Brief history

The first settlements appeared in the area in the XIV-XVII centuries. Alexandro-Nevskiy village — the center of the Novoderevenskiy district of the Ryazan region — was founded in 1865 near railway station Ranenburg after the Southeast railway construction. After the construction of the railway Moscow-Pavelets-Ranenburg-Bogoyavlensk the station was renamed into Alexandro-Nevskaya.

Tourist resources

Cultural and educational tourism

M. D. Skobelev Memorial (Zaborovo village)

M. D. Skobelev (1843-1882) is an eminent Russian general, national hero of Russia and Bulgaria, hero of battles of Plevna and Shipka.

The memorial consists of Spasskaya —hurch, where Skobelevís parents as well as the White General himself are buried, a bronze bust at the square named after him, a school and a residential care home.

The main wooden building of Spasskaya —hurch in Zaborovo village was erected in the beginning of the XVIII century. In 1830s the village passed into the Skobelevs kin ownership. In 1869 2 chapels were built, one of which Skobelevís parents and the White General himself are buried in.

In 1881 M.D.Skobelev founded a zemskaya (local) school in his estate by building a spacious stone building. There studied peasantsí children both from Zaborovo village and from many other nearby villages. Nowadays the building is used as a museum, which exposition represents the Skobelevs kin history and the information about M. D. Skobelev life and activity.

In 1910 following M.D.Skobelevís will his sister princess Beloselskaya-Belozerskaya built a residential care home for war veterans in the Zaborovo village manor.

There is also the generalís bust on the memorial territory, one of the ponds is cleaned, the dam is reconstructed.

Address: Ryazan Region, Novoderevenskiy District, Zaborovo
Tel.: 8-910-643-19-93

Event tourism

M. D. Skobelev birthday celebration

Every year in September, festive activities are held to celebrate M.D.Skobelevís birthday. They include a meeting at the Skobelev monument, gun salute, ceremonial company march, theatrical performance, concerning Skobelevís destiny as a human and career as a general.

Pilgrim tourism

Bogolyubskaya Church (Zimarovo village)
The magnificent Bogolyubskaya —hurch with three altars (the central — in honor of the Bogolyubskaya icon of Divine Mother, the right — in honor of Michael the Archangel, the left — in honor of Saint Nicholas) was consecrated in 1852. The church keeps an old replica of the Bogolyubskaya icon of Divine Mother. According to the legend, this icon was formerly situated over the Pronsk gate and was split and thrown to bushes during the Tatar invasion. But the icon coalesced and from that time known as a miracle-working icon. In the XVIII century it passed into the ownership of Zimarovo village landlord Lopatin. In 1771 during the great plague in Moscow, the icon was delivered there to heal the sick. After Lopatinís death the icon was sent back to Zimarovo village.


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