Pronsk district


Geographical location

The district is situated in the western part of central natural-economic area of Ryazan region, 69 km from the regional center. The majority of district rivers belongs to a river basin of the Pronya, which is a right inflow of the Oka. There (the Pronya) is also the Ryazan GRES (state district power station) reservoir.

Brief history

Pronsk district is situated on the Pronsk princedom territory. The first mention of «pronskie» (relative to Pronsk) is found in the Nikons chronicles dating back to 1131.
Archeological excavations have shown that Pronsk was founded at a Slavonic settlements territory in the XI century as a chief town of the princedom. It was often in the hot seat during internal strife between Ryazan- and Vladimir-Suzdal princes.
In 1237 Batu Khans Mongol-Tatar horde invaded the Ryazan land, ravaged and refted Pronsk princedom. After the loss of princedoms independence in the late XV century, the princes of Pronsk served the princes of Moscow and the country with good faith and fidelity, holding senior political posts up to the beginning of the XVIII century. The history of Pronsk is many-sided, abounding in events and persons, famous all over Russia: Zagoskin, Michurin, Boklevskiy.

Tourist resources

Cultural and educational tourism

Pronsk Museum of Local Lore
The Pronsk Museum of Local Lore occupies an old building of the former district school (1787 year), which is now a historical and cultural site. It was attended by such well-known people, as Golovnin, Boklevskiy, Ptitsa, Shcherbakov.
The museum exposition represents the history of Pronsk from ancient times to the modern age and the information about our famed countrymen, such as well-known Russian scientist, «nature reformer» — I.V. Michurin.
Address: Ryazan Region, Pronsk, Sovetskaya St. 7
Tel.: (49155) 3-15-61

Pilgrim tourism

Sacred Spring (Pronsk w.s.)
The Sacred Spring is equipped with bathhouse, there is also a chapel nearby.

Health tourism

«Prometey» recreation facility
Bedspace: 200
Room types: standard room for 1,2,3,4 persons, luxury suite
Services: sauna, billiards, ping-pong, volleyball and basketball courts, sports equipment hire, excursions.
Season activity: year-round
Address: Ryazan Region, Pronsk District, Yumashevo
Tel.: (49141) 2-21-99

Active tourism

«Sadko» centre
Bedspace: 40
Room types: standard room, luxury suite
Services: baths, sauna, diving and windsurfing training, fishing, spearfishing, diving equipment and catamaran hire.
Season activity: year-round
Address: Ryazan Region, Novomichurinsk (Pronskoye reservoir beach)
Tel.: 8-910-902-99-98


«Radbezh» pond
Location: 2 km short of Tyrnovo
Services: paid fishing (carp, pike)
Tel.: 8-910-903-33-74


Leleya Hotel
Bedspace: 14
Rooms: 8
Address: Ryazan Region, Pronsk District, Novomichurinks
Tel.:(49141) 2-54-09

Kaskad Hotel
Bedspace: 9
Rooms: 7
Address: Ryazan Region, Pronsk District, Novomichurinks, «D» building estate, 3/11
Tel.: (49141) 4-39-09, 4-39-71


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