Geographical location

The city of Ryazan lies on East European Plain. It is included into the so-called close ring of cities located 150-200 km away from Moscow. Ryazan borders on the Moscow, Vladimir, Tambov, Penza, Tula and Lipetsk regions and the Republic of Mordovia.

Water source is formed by the Oka and its inflow, the Trubezh, as well as by minor rivers: the Pletenka, the Pavlovka, the Lybed, the Listvyanka and a great number of bayou lakes and little artificial ponds.

Brief History

Ryazan is one of the oldest cities in central Russia. Its name was mentioned in the chronicles much earlier than that of Moscow or Vladimir. It is customary to consider the modern population of Ryazan to be descendants of the Vyatichi, who established an independent principality making Ryazan the centre of it.

In 1237 the city of Ryazan was the first to face the attack of Batu Khanís horde. Notwithstanding the resistance of its defenders, the city was taken and laid flat. The heroic defense of old Ryazan and Evpatiy Kolovratís feat create a prominent page in the history of Russia. At the end of the XIII century Pereyaslavl-Ryazanskii becomes the centre of the principality.

Pereyaslavl-Ryazanskii was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1095. The territory of the modern Kremlin on the bank of the Lybed is considered to be the place where the city was founded. At that time here came together the Moscow, Astrakhan and Vladimir trade routes. In the XIV-XV centuries it was an important administrative, commercial and trade centre. In 1778, under the rule of Catherine the Great, the Ryazan Province was established and its centre was renamed after the original capital of the principality, Ryazan.

Tourist Resources

Cultural and Educational Tourism

The Ryazan Kremlin

The Glory of Ryazan is the Ryazan Kremlin. It is the ancient historical heart of the city. Throughout the long history of its existence the Kremlin has been rebuilt many times and eventually it has been formed into an entire architectural complex. It comprises a number of outstanding monuments of Old Russian architecture and the classicism of the XV-XIX centuries.

In 1968 the architectural monuments of the Kremlin ensemble, repository collections and the archeological site of Old Ryazan became the basis for creation of the historical and architectural reserve museum.

The Museumís thematic collections (Old Russian art, archeology, ethnography) are extensive. They include decorative needlework items, unique Old Ryazan treasure troves of the pre-yoke period, folk clothes, and traditional industry items. In 1995 the museum was included into the National Cultural Heritage Register of Russia.

Every year the museum hosts a number or festive activities: a festival of military history ďTruba, zovuschaya na ratíĒ (ďTrumpet that gathers the army for the battleĒ), a charitable festive activity ďLetnii dení v KremleĒ (ďA Summer Day in the KremlinĒ).

Address: Ryazan, Kremlin, 15
Tel.: (4912) 27-60-65, 27-60-66 (excursions),

Ryazan Fine Arts Museum named after I.P. Pozhalostin

The museum is one of the oldest museums in Russia. Its collection includes over ten thousand original works of native and Western European representatives of different artistic forms and genres of the XV-XX centuries.

The colourful world of folk art comes to life in the works of Ryazan handicraft artists.

The very building that houses the museum is an architectural monument of the school of an outstanding architect Matvei Kazakov. The masterpiece belongs to Russian Classicism of the late XVIII — early XIX centuries.

The museumís branches:
The Gallery «Viktor Ivanov and Ryazan Soil»;
I.P. Pozhalostinís House Museum, the Child Art Gallery.
Address: Ryazan, Svobody st., 57
Tel.: (4912) 44-18-83

The Memorial Museum Estate of Academician I.P. Pavlov

The museum is situated in the building that used to belong to the Pavlovsí family. The estate, the garden, the backyard constructions are in a fair preservation. The museum consists of two parts: the memorial and the scientific ones. The exhibitions tell the visitor about the career and the life of the famous scientist, who was the first Nobel laureate from Russia. They also dwell upon his Ryazan stage of life.

Address: Ryazan, Pavlova st., 25
Tel.: (4912) 25-40-72, fax: (4912) 28-97-64,

The Museum of Youth Movements History

The museum occupies an antique mansion, the house of a Ryazan governor. It was built in the XIX century. Its reserves are rich in unique items and collections connected to the modern youth movements, the history of local wars (including Afghanistan and Chechnya), different social movements and parties, and extraordinary and prominent events.

It is a unique museum because it vividly reflects the heroic history of the citizen of Ryazan, the soldier and the defender of the Motherland.

Address: 390046, Ryazan, Svobody st., 79
Tel.: (4912) 25-71-71, 25-89-10

The Museum of Airborne Forces History

The Museum of Airborne Forces History is situated in the building of the Higher Airborne Command School and is the worldís only museum of this kind.

The exhibition comprises relic banners of airborne divisions and brigades that participated in the Great Patriotic War, native and foreign fire weapon samples, collections of tactical parachutes, and parachute and military equipment.

Address: Ryazan, Kalyaeva st., 20
Tel.: (4912) 44-94-58, 44-94-78 tel./fax: (4912) 28- 93-30

The Museum of Military Vehicles of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

The museum of Military vehicles was established in 1994. Its exhibits present the history of the Russian military automotive industry development. A unique item that is exhibited in the museum is the PMZ-750 (mine defense) motorcycle, one of the worldís only three specimens. It is so unique that even the Moscow Polytechnic Museum, which is famous for its extensive collection of motorcycles, has no motorcycle of this kind.

In the rooms of the museum one also can see pilot items of vehicles already adopted by the Russian Armed Forces.

Address: Ryazan, Ryazan Military Automotive Institute, Museum of Military Vehicles
Tel.: (4912) 98-80-90, 98-80-96

The Museum of Long-Range Aviation

The museum was created in 1975. It was arranged to coincide with the 30 anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. This is the only place where one can see authentic warplanes of the post-war period, long-range aviation planes TU-16, TU-22, TU-95, TU-22M2, TU-22M3.

Address: Ryazan, Belyakova st.
Tel.: (4912) 33-53-36

Event Tourism

National Festival Competition of Youth National Folk Art «Yeseninskaya Rusí» («Yesenin Rus») (October)
This festival competition is part of the series of other activities devoted to the celebration of the national Yeseninís poetry day. The competition consists of five nominations: folk song, folk choreography, folk instruments playing, arts and crafts, and folk costume theatre. The competitors must be aged from 6 to 21.

Modern Dance Festival «Chyornii Kot» («Black Cat») (March)
This festival has been held for 21 years already and is favored by the citizens of Ryazan and visitors from other cities and towns. The festival has for a good reason received the name of one of the most spectacular events in the cultural life of Ryazan. Its program traditionally includes five nominations: club dance, rockíníroll, slow dance, folk dance, and freestyle.

«Leto. Dzhaz. Fontan» («Summer. Jazz. Fountain») Festival (August)
There is an opportunity for every jazz-fan to enjoy the performance of local and guest musicians for two days every year. The festival has an individual character and an interesting peculiarity: the organizers give even unknown musicians a chance to perform on stage.

International Festival of Puppet Theatres «Ryazanskiye Smotriny» («Showing-off in Ryazan») (September)
«Ryazanskiye Smotriny» festival is well-know not only in our country, but also far beyond its borders. It has a long history of existence and has already turned into a major event that gathers in our city the best creative minds of Russia and able foreign theatres. It gives its numerous participants and spectators a chance to witness a great panorama of creative search and discovery, of imaginative self-actualization of puppet masters from different countries.

I.P. Pavlovís Birthday Celebration at the Museum-Estate (September)
Pavlovís Week, which coincides with the birthday of the outstanding scientist (September, 27), is held in the last week of September. At that time one can take part in the celebration of Pavlovís name-day in the Pavlovsí estate, the gorodki tournament, tea-parties and many other activities that take place at the museum.

Charitable Festive Activity «Letnii Den v Kremlye» («A Summer Day in The Kremlin») (July)
The guests and participants of the holiday are offered a number of activities: free admittance to all exhibitions, a spectacular theatrical performance including traditional Russian sports and games, concerts, quizzes on the history of Ryazan and local lore, an exhibition fair of Ryazan region arts and crafts.

International Aerostation Festival «Nebo Rossii» («Sky of Russia») (August)
The Ryazan region is the pioneer of aerostation in Russia: the festival «Nebo Rossii», which was first held in 1990, has been registered in the Russian record book «Divo» («Wonder») as the first aerostation festival held in the country.
The citizens and visitors of the city are offered a unique opportunity to witness a wonderful show: over 30 unusually beautiful hot air balloons and dirigibles soar in the sky. The spectators also have a chance to sail up into the sky, to admire the night show of luminous hot air balloons and to see an unusual competition, which is aimed at choosing «the best-floating balooner».

Pilgrim Tourism

Solotcha Nunnery Rozhdestva Pryesvyatoi Bogoroditsy (of Nativity of Divine Mother)
Solotcha Nunnery is one of the most interesting sights of the Solotcha health resort area. It was founded by the famous Ryazan prince Oleg Ivanovich. Oleg laid the foundation of the nunnery in 1390. The nunnery contains a number of architectural monuments: Rozhdestva Khristova (Nativity) Church, the refectory and Predtyechenskaya (Forerunner) Church, which is decorated with four tall figures of evangelists.

Svyato-Troitskii (Holy Trinity) Friary
The friary was founded at the end of the XIV century to mark the conciliation of the Ryazan Prince Oleg Ivanovich and the Moscow Prince Dmitry Donskoi. The conciliation of the princes was also fastened by the marriage of Olegís son, Fyodor and Dmitryís daughter, Sophia. In 1812 here, in the friary a famous architect M.F. Kazakov, who came to Ryazan after Moscow had been taken by Napoleon, was buried. Unfortunately the exact place of Kazakovís grave has been lost.
Feodorovskii side-chapel of the friary houses a copy of the wonderworking icon of Feodorovskaya Divine Mother. In 1998 the friary received the honour of keeping the Relics of St. Feodorit, martyr Misail, and St. Melyetii.

Spaso-Preobrazhenskii (Transfiguration) Friary
Spaso-Preobrazhenskii Friary lies within the territory of the Ryazan Kremlin. The exact date of its foundation is unknown but in the XV century it already existed. Bogoyavlenskii (Epiphany) Church keeps a part of the Relics of sanctifier Gavriil.

Khristorozhdestvenskii (Nativity) Cathedral
Municipal white-stone Khristorozhdestvenskii Cathedral was set up as early as the beginning of the XV century. Later it turned into a metropolitan cathedral and served as the princely burial vault where 5 Ryazan princes and 3 princesses as well as the most revered Ryazan saint, bishop Vassilii, were laid to rest.

Health Tourism

«Staritsa» Health Resort
Medical profile: blood circulation diseases, digestive diseases, urogenital diseases, skin diseases, and locomotor disorders.
Bedplace: 170
Address: Ryazan, Solotcha set., Vladimirskaya st., 95
Tel.: (4912) 28-82-44, 28-80-08; Tel./fax: (4912) 28-78-62

«Sosnovy Bor» Health Resort
Medical profile: cardiovascular diseases and neuropathies, respiratory and digestive diseases, locomotor disorders, ocular, gynaecological, urological, andrological, professional and other diseases. Bedplace: 500
Address: 390020, Ryazan, Solotcha set.
Tel.: (4912) 28-78-63, 28-80-00 Tel.fax: (4912) 28-77-22;

«Solotcha» Health Resort
Medical profile: treatment of respiratory and blood circulation diseases, locomotor disorders, and cardiovascular diseases. Bedplace: 190
Address: 390021, Ryazan, Solotcha set., Pochtovaya st., 4
Tel.: (4912) 28-81-41, 28-82-45, 28-81-41,




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