Ryazan district


Geographical location

Ryazan district is situated on the East European Plain territory in the north-western area of the Ryazan region. The district borders on the Rybnoye district on the west, on the Klepiki, Pronsk and Zakharovo district on the north-east.

Water sources are formed by the Oka river, its inflows, lakes, swamps and seepage flow. The Oka flood plain abounds with lakes which number in the district is about 20. Near Laskovskiy village there are several lakes: the Laskovskoye. Chernenkoye, Segdenskoye and Urzhinskoye. The lakes belong to a residual type. The lakes with peaty and in some areas quagmire banks, famous for their medicinal property.

Forests occupy up to 30% of the district territory.

Brief history

Ryazan princedoms heart was situated in the Oka middle, on the terrirory of the moderm Ryazan region. Here Slavonic tribes began to settle on the territory from in the late IX — the beginning of the X century.

The actual Ryazan region territory is only a small part of a former Ryazan uyezd partially spread to Klepiki uyezd in 1919 and to Rybnoye district in 1925. Ryazan region actual borders have existed in the given way since 1929.

Tourist resources

Cultural and educational tourism

The Dubovitskiy-Verkhelevichs Manor

Stenkino village, where the Dubovitskiy-Verkhelevichs Manor is situated, has been known since the XVI century, when Ivan the Terrible gave the village to boyar Sheremetyev as a domain. In 1785 the village was sold to landlord Dubovitskiy, a well-known mason. He began to gentrify the estate, and in 1980 the manor looked finished. Nowadays not all the estates buildings are extant.

Pilgrim tourism

Chapel in honour of the Blessed princes of Murom Peter and Fevroniya
The wooden chapel was built near Laskovo village in the late XX century and consecrated in honour of the Saints — the prince of Murom Peter and Ryazan village Laskovo native Fevroniya. Peter and Fevroniya are considered to be tutelary of a family and spousal.
Every year on the 8 of July many pilgrims from commemorate the Saints, pray and ask for a bless for a family.

Active tourism

«Konnaya Ryazan» equestrian tourism center
Horse trips, horse hire.
Bedspace: 200
Address: Ryazan Region, Ryazan District, Trebukhino
Tel.: 8-910-641-71-89, 8-910-901-90-98

«Serebryaniye Prudy» camp
Bedspace: 200
Sports activities, childrens recreation campus.
Address: Ryazan Region, Ryazan District, Sazhnevo
Tel.:(4912) 98-34-52

Health tourism

«Kolos» recreation center
Treatment: respiratory, cardiovascular and alimentary organs diseases.
Bedspace: 250
Address: Ryazan Region, Ryazan District, Boloshnevo
Tel.:(4912) 24-33-50, 24-33-78


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