Ryazhsk district


Geographical location

Ryazhsk district is situated in the southern area of the Ryazan region, 117 km from the regional center. Water sources are formed by the rivers Ranova and Khupta with the inflows and the by the lakes Konchurovskoye an Chernoye (dead arm of the Ranova).

Brief history

Ryazhsk was founded in the northern part of the well-known Ryasskoye Field as a stronghold. In 1502 the Great Prince Ivan III, sending a Turkish embassador back from Moscow by water, directed him: From the Staraya Ryazan he has to go up along the Pronya to the Ryasskoye Field then through the Ryasskoye Field to the river Ryasa. Based on this order, the historians consider the date of the first mention of Ryazhsk to be 1502. In the XVI-XVII centuries Ryazhsk belonged to a national defense system — the Great Abatis Border and was very important for protection from Crimean and Nogai Tatars raids. One of the most remarkable events in Ryazhsj history is the discovery of brown coal deposit in the XVIII century, which gave birth to the future development of the Moscoe region coal-basin.

Tourist resources

Cultural and educational tourism

Ryazhsk Museum of Local Lore
Ryazhsk Museum of Local Lore occupies an old building of merchant Petrov former residence. The museum has stationary expositions «The History of the Ryazhsk area from the ancient times», «Ryazhsk the chief district town. The late XIX — beginning of the XX centuries», 3 exhibition halls, a literary salon, scholarly library. The museums boast is a memorial fund collection, which contains the information about the countrymen glorified their native land. Different documents, paraphernalia and awards are exhibited. The museum initiated a tourists route «Poklonis velikim synovyam Rossii» («Give a bow to the great sons of Russia»), devoted to the memory of the heroes of Russia A.S.Kaysarov, P.A.Kikin, M.D.Skobelev.
Address: Ryazan Region, Ryazhsk, Komsomolskaya St, 11/41
Tel.: (49132) 2-18-66, 4-36-40

The Kikin-Yermolovs Manor (XIX century)
The manor in Bolshaya Aleshnya village is a former patrimony of an old Kikin kin, together with Ryazan waywode Prokopiy Lyapunov taking part in force Lzhedmitriy out of Moscow. Among the numerous manor owners was the 1812 war hero Peter Andreevich Kikin. After becoming the Bolshaya Aleshnya landlord he founded a park, which later was even mentioned in Semyonov-Tien-Shanskiys «Russian Geography». There is an extant Bogoroditskaya Church of the beginning of the XIX century.
The manor in Bolshaya Aleshnya was rebuilt in the second half of the XIX century during the time of A.S.Yermolov, the chairman of the Open Economical Society. He converted the estate into a cultural, economical farming unit. He also founded a stud here.

General Smelskiy Manor (XIX century) (XIX .)
The mansion in Vasilyevka village is a two-storeyed house, a monument of the second half of the XIX century architecture. The complex includes the following buildings: a mansion, a kitchen and a cellar. The buildings are very beautifully decorated. All the constructions are performed very qualitative. The manor owners are the representatives of the Smelskiys kin, third-generation military men.
Address: Ryazan Region, Ryazhsk, Komsomolskaya St, 11/41
Tel.: (49132) 2-18-66, 4-36-40


Uyut Hotel
Bedspace: 14
Address: Ryazan Region, Ryazhsk, Engelsa St, 1
Tel.: (49132) 4-31-06


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