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Rybnoye district


Geographical Position

Rybnoye District is situated in the north-western part of Ryazan Region. It is 18 km away from the regional centre of the region. Water source is formed by the Oka, the Osyotr, the Vozha and the Mecha. There are several big lakes in the district: Staritsa, Krugloye, Selische as well as some big storage lakes: Pal’noye, Mecha, Kleschevaya, Serenka.

Brief history

The first Slavonic settlements and towns appeared in this site in the XI-XII centuries. The first written record of the name «Rybnoye» dates back to 1523, when the Grand Prince Vassilii III granted the village of Rybnoye to Semyon Ivanovich Korobyev. Rybnoye received its name due to the abundance of fish in the Vozha and nearby lakes («rybnoye» — fishy).

Old Russian chronicles tell the story of the famous Battle of the Vozha that took place here, on the banks of the Vozha on August, 11, 1378. The forces of Dmitry Donskoi, together with Ryazan regiments, tore to pieces the many-thousand army of the Tartar Prince Begich. Carl Marks estimated this battle in the following way: “…This is the first battle against the Tartars that was organized in the right way and won by the Russian forces…” In the XVI-XVII centuries on both banks of the Vozha lay the fortified security line of Muscovy. It was the Vozha abatis, called by our ancestors «Divine Mother’s belt».

Tourism Resources

Cultural and Educational Tourism

The State Reserve Museum named after S. A. Yesenin

The Museum is located in a picturesque spot on the bank of the Oka, in the old Russian village of Konstantinovo, where the great Russian poet Sergei Yesenin was born. The estate of Yesenin’s parents is the heart of the museum. On October, 2, 1965 the memorial museum of the poet was established. It preserves the atmosphere of the old times, when Esenin used to come to his parents' house.

The literature exhibition reveals the life and poetic career of Sergei Yesenin. Here one can see such unique items as manuscripts, lifetime editions, information about the last days of the poet’s life, his death-mask.

The homely interior of L.I. Kashina’s estate house, the unique museum of the poem “Anna Snegina” takes its visitors into the time when the poet visited the house; it recreates the atmosphere of a provincial literary salon.

The museum offers interactive programs for tourists: “A Village School Lesson”, “Peace to You, Wooden House”.

Address: Ryazan Region, Rybnoye District, Konstantinovo
Tel.: (49137) 3-32-57, (49137) 5-16-08

The Pirogovs’ House Museum

In one of the wooden buildings decorated with fretwork in the village of Novosyolki one can find the memorial museum of the Pirogov brothers. The museum’s exhibition contains numerous valuable items that reveal the life of the Pirogovs.

The Pirogov brothers are outstanding figures in the world’s art, their talent is unique and peculiar. Some opera parts performed by the brothers still remain inimitable. The sons of a Ryazan carpenter became great singers who gave luster to the Russian opera art. Every year the house museum organizes the Day of the folk song, which brings creative teams from the whole region together in Rybnoye.

Address: Ryazan Region, Rybnoye District, Novosyolki vill.
Tel.: (49137) 6-12-12

The Fairytale Museum of Poschupovskaya Toy

The Poschupovskaya toy is authorial, i.e. it is unique. It was created in the old Ryazan village of Poschupovo, in the family workshop of the Ivanovs. This family became laureates of numerous international exhibitions of folk arts and crafts. Each toy is designed and modeled by the artist him\herself. All images are taken from traditional Russian animal world.

Boys and girls like to guess the characters from books and folk tales who live among authentic antique articles. One can look through a stamp collection together with the philatelist dog, try to do some tasks from the pre-revolutionary math book, take a walk in the garden with elephants or look for the buried treasure.

Address: Ryazan Region, Rybnoye District, Poschupovo vill.
Tel.: 8-906-541-01-80

The Museum of the Apicultural Research Institute

This exhibition museum of apiculture is the information department of the Apicultural Research Institute, which is famous for its achievements not only in Russia, but in every country that has developed apiculture. The rooms of the museum present to us different constructions of beehives, apiarian tools and equipment, natural beehives, herbaria and honey plant seeds, honey sample collections, photographs and paintings representing the life of bees. The museum gives an opportunity to see the famous bee-trees “Tsar”, “Tsaritsa”, and «Tsarevna» that belonged to the Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich; church beehive, bell-tower beehive and many other unique items.

Address: Ryazan Region, Rybnoye, Pochtovaya st., 22
Tel.: (49137) 5-15-47

The Museum of Horse-Breeding Research Institute

On the territory of the Rybnoye District, in the settlement of Divovo one can see the world’s only horse-breeding research centre, the Russian Horse-Breeding Research Institute.

The institute has a museum, the exhibition of which presents the history of horse-breeding, the importance of modern horse-breeding and its basic trends, different breeds of horses and the peculiarities of their breeding. The excursion acquaints you with real horses, gives you a chance to ride a horse under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Those who want to have a taste of koumiss, the valuable drink made of mare’s milk, can do it here, since koumiss is produced on the institute’s koumiss farm.

Address: Ryazan Region, Rybnoye District, Divovo set.
Tel.: (4912) 24-02-65

Event Tourism

The National Day of Yesenin’s Poetry
An important poetic holiday coinciding with the birthday of S.A. Yesenin is held at the end of September in the poet’s native village of Konstantinovo. Admirers and connoisseurs of Yesenin’s poetry from every part of Russia come to the village. They recite poems and sing songs set to words of the great poet.

A Theatrical Festive Activity «The Battle of the Vozha»
This great theatrical festive activity is devoted to the famous battle on the Vozha that took place in August of 1378 and was a kind of «rehearsal» for the Battle of Kulikovo. The celebration is built around the theatrical action based on the events of that famous battle.

The spectators can visit a historical photostudio, compete in archery and javelin throw, and take part in the historical quizzes. It would be an interesting experience to visit a medieval feast, taste the antique cuisine, and memorize some medieval recipes. «Maloe Ristalische» («Minor Battle») and «Ratnye Potekhi» («Army Fun») attractions will involve you into the improvised costumed role play named «Soobscha I Vraga Bit’ Legche» («It is easier to Fight the Enemy Together»).

Raspberry Day
Since ancient times the village of Novosyolki has been called the capital of the raspberry kingdom for a good reason. Local raspberry is big, very sweet and, last but not least, beautiful.

The celebration of the traditional holiday devoted to raspberry is held in the village every year. The «raspberry» mood is everywhere: people write poems in honour of the garden queen, create and sing songs, folk couplets, wear raspberry-coloured clothes. The guests of the celebration take part in the parade with the Rasberry Queen in the lead, have a taste of raspberry dishes and drinks, bid in the raspberry auction of jam, pie and wine recipes.

The Pirogov Brothers Folk Song Day
This day is celebrated in Novosyolki, the native village of the famous opera singers, the Pirogov brothers. Every year in the middle of May the best singing bands and choirs of the Ryazan and neighbouring regions gather here. One can hear lyric and humorous songs and the sounds of the Russian harmonica. In the course of the 15 years of its existence the celebration became a real song festival embracing all genres of folk art.

Pilgrim Tourism

Svyato-Ioanno-Bogoslovsky (St. John the Evangelist’s) Friary
Svyato-Ioanno-Bogoslovsky friary is situated 30 km away from Rybnoye, in the village of Poschupovo. It is one of the oldest friaries in the Ryazan Eparchy. The creation of the friary dates back to the beginning of the XIII century. The friary is believed to have been founded by missionary monks who came to this place in order to enlighten the local pagans. They brought with them the wonderworking icon of St. Ioann-Bogoslov (Ioann the Evangelist), one of the relics given as a blessing to the enlightened Russian land by the Constantinopolitan Church. This icon has become the main relic of the friary. The shrines with parts of the Relics of St. Georgi Pobedonosets (George the Victorious), healer Panteleimon, St. Nicholas and many other God-pleasers are stored here, in the friary. In the vicinity of the friary, near the ancient friarly caves lies the Sacred spring that has always been worshipped as wonderworking.

Health Tourism

«Oka» recreation facility
Bedspace: 28 (year-round)
12 (summertime)
Room type: cottages (double rooms), trailers
Services: café, bar, bicycle, ice-skates, ski hire, playgrounds, children’s playing zones, snow-tubing track, outdoor heated pool, excursions
Season activity: year-round
Address: Ryazan Region, Rybnoye District, Ivanchino
Tel.: (4912) 99-58-08, 8 (903) 198-89-99

Hunting and Fishing

«Barskie Zabavy» recreation facility
Bedplace: 14
Room type: cottages (double rooms)
Services: sauna, restaurant, horseback riding and mounted trips, fishing, hunting with borzois (hounds), pheasant hunt, falconry, boating, family and children programs, excursions
Season activity: year-round
Address: Ryazan Region, Rybnoye District, Bortnoye
Tel.: 8-910-901-36-62,


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