Sarai district


Geographical location

Sarai district is situated in the southern area of the Ryazan region, 182 km from Ryazan.

The district borders on Ukholovo, Putyatino, Sapozhok, Shatsk districts of Ryazan region and on the Tambov region.

Water sources are formed by the following rivers: the Para, Verda, Verditsa, Aleshina, Pozhva.

Forests occupy approximately 16% of the districts territory.

Brief history

The first Slavonic settlements appeared in the area in the XI-XIII centuries. Due to being the southern border of the Ryazan princedom, it often suffered from nomadic tribes raids from the Wild Field (Dikoye Pole), thus remaining sparcely populated almost till the beginning of the XVII century. Since the nomadic raids threat disappeared, the district became to populate, be reclaimed and develop swiftly. The main wealth of the district — fertile black earth lands — ensured its success.

One can find the first records concerning Sarai village in the Okladnaya book (accountant cadastral book) dated back to 1676. The district was a part of Sapozhok district till 1924, then — a part of Ryazhsk district till 1929. After that the independent Sarai district was established.

Tourist resources

Cultural and educational tourism

Nikolo-Bovykinskiy Nunnery (Zarya Svobody village)

The convent was founded in 1878 in honour of the Tikhvin icon of Divine Mother. In former times the area, where the nunnery was founded, was known as Bovykinskaya meadow, due to that the name «Nikolo-Bovykinskiy» has appeared.

Formerly the convent included 3 churches: wooden chapel of the Tikhvin icon of Divine Mother and 2 stone churches: refectory and cathedral churches. In the cathedral church there kept the main convents relic — the icon of Saint Nicholas. Opposite the cathedral these was a bell tower 36 meters high, which was the villagers pride and admiration. The convent was closed and partially ruined for a great while, but at the moment the restoration is in progress.

Khristorozhdestvenskaya Church (Nativity hurch) (Borets village)
The only extant church of the district is situated in Borets village. It was built in 1773 and closed only once during the Great Patriotic War.

Active tourism

The 16 district rivers total lenght is 238 km. The majority rivers are small, no more than 35 meters wide. The largest rivers — the Para and the Verda are used for kayaking.

Hunting and fishing

«Para» fishery
Specializes in pike, as well as common, silver and grass carp (amur) breeding, since recently — in tench and trout breeding. There are 6 ponds at the fishery disposal.
The fishery provides services of paid fishing.
Address: Ryazan Region., Sarai District, Borets
Tel.: (49148) 3-13-24

«Troyka» fishery
The fishery is situated 7 km from Sarai near the Verda river. It has a 12 ha pond at its disposal and deals with common, silver and grass carp (amur) breeding. The fishery provides services of fishing during summertime. Accommodation in a house trailer. Fishermen camping is also possible.
Address: Ryazan Region., Sarai District, Probuzhdenie
Tel.: (49148) 3-16-48


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