Sasovo and Sasovo district


Geographical location

Sasovo and Sasovo district are situated in the south-western area of the Ryazan region, 176 km from the regional center. The district borders on the Pitelino, Shatsk, Chuchkovo and Kadom districts and the Republic of Mordovia.

Water sources are formed by the following rivers: the Tsna and the Moksha as well as their inflows: the Pet, Urzeva, Aleshnya and Leya.

Brief history

The territory, which Sasovo district occupies nowadays, had been settled long before Christ by the tribes of the Finno-Ugric language group: meshchera, mordva, muroma etc. According to archaeological evidence, the Slavonic settlement began no sooner than in the beginning of the XI century and lasted down to the time of the Mongol invasion. One of the first Slavonic settlements was Temgenevskoye Gorodishche, situated in close vicinity to Sasovo.

According to scientists opinion the word «Sasovo» accrued from the Tatar word «saz», which means swamp or bog. Sasovo developed to an inhabited settlement in the middle of the XVII century. One can find the first records concerning Sasovo village in the Shatsk district Pistsovaya book (Scribe book) dated back to 1612.

In the XIX century one of landlords of Sasovo, which had been already a big village, was the mother of great author I.S.Turgenev — Varvara Petrovna.

Tourist resources

Cultural and educational tourism

The Sasovo Museum of Local Lore

The Sasovo Museum of Local Lore occupies a building of the second half of the XIX century of a «merchant» architecture style. The museum has a large exposition, which represents the history of Sasovo area from ancient times to the modern age. It keeps rare household appliances and utensils, arts and crafts works, archaeological materials, documents and photographies. There are about 100 Moscow, Ryazan and Sasovo artists canvases in the museums fund.

Address: Ryazan Region, Sasovo, Vikzalnaya St, 56
Tel.: 8(49133) 5-03-45

The A.P.Averkin Museum of Russian Song

The museum is situated in Sasovo and occupies a former merchants manor of the XIX century. It is both memorial and music complex, the only one of such a kind in Russia. The museum exposition describes the history of Russian song origin and development and demonstrates unique collections of the XX century sound-reproducing equipment and national musical instruments of Russia and other countries, among which there are rarities.

Address: Ryazan Region, Sasovo, Lenina St. 19
Tel.: (49133) 5-10-16

The A.P.Averkin House Museum

Musician A.P.Averkin is a Russian honoured art worker, composer of more than 500 songs, among which the most popular are the following: «Na Pobyvku yedet» («Comes for a visit»), «Milaya Mama» («Dear Mother»), «Mne Beryozka podarila seryozhki»(«A birch gave me catkins»). In the Shaftorka, the composers birthplace there was opened a house museum. Its exposition contains Averkins personal things and the things of his family, and also photographies from the family archives.

Address: Ryazan Region, Sasovo District, Shaftorka
Tel.: (49133) 5-10-16

The A.S. Novikov Priboy Museum

A.S. Novikov Priboy is a eminent marine writer, the State Prize recipient, the author of the historical epic work Tsushima. He was born in Matveevskoye, where in March 1997 a memorial museum was opened.

The museum occupies the house, where Alexey Silych lived from 1877 till 1899.

The exposition includes unique items from the Novikov Priboy family archives.

Every year the writers relatives, local historians, poets and artists from different regions of Russia come here for the writers anniversary celebration and literary soirees.

Address: Sasovo District, Matveevskoye, Sovetskaya St. 16
Tel.: (49133) 5-03-45

Baron V.F. fon der Launits manor

In Kargashino village, 18 km from Sasovo, there are extant parts of baron V.F. fon der Launits patrimony manor buildings. The baron was an eminent orthodox statesman.

The major part of the Gothic architectural complex was occupied by stables. Formerly it was a genuine medieval palace for horses. In that stables the Kargashino trotters, famous all over Russia, were bred and exported abroad.

At the moment the V.F. fon der Launits grave site maintenance has been performed by M.Y.Lermontov, the descendant of V.F. fon der Launits and a classic of Russian literature M.Y.Lermontov. He is a head of «Lermontov heritage» international association and is going to take part in the manor reconstruction.

Event tourism

The A.P.Averkin the National Folk Festival in Russia

The festival is usually held on the last Saturday and Sunday of June in Sasovo. The program includes gala performance with the participation of eminent lyric folk and guitar poetry singers, professional and amateur artistes; ceremonial Averkin Award presentation; a visit to the Museum of Russian Song.

Pilgrim tourism

Koshibeevo sacred spring
The spring is situated within a few kilometers of Koshibeevo. The Sacred Spring is equipped with a bathhouse and a chapel.


Tsna Hotel
Bedspace: 100
Room types: standard room for 1,2,3 persons, luxury suite
Services: cafe
Address: Ryazan Region, Sasovo District, Prospekt Svobody, 19a
Tel.: (49133) 2-36-54, 2-05-84

Pegas Hotel
Bedspace: 26
Room types: standard room for 1,2,3 persons, luxury suite
Services: restaurant, billiards, parking
Address: Ryazan Region, Sasovo District, Lenina St. 31
Tel.: (49133) 5-15-26

Tranzit Hotel
Bedspace: 20
Room types: standard room for 1,2 persons, luxury suite, semilux
Services: «Okhotnik» saloon bar, parking
Address: Ryazan Region, Sasovo District, Lenina St. 21
Tel.: (49133) 5-10-40
Fax: (49133) 5-10-40

Saga Hotel
Bedspace: 19
Room types: room for 1,2,3 persons
Services: restaurant, billiards, sauna, parking
Address: Ryazan Region, Sasovo District, Vokzalnaya 95
Tel.: (49133) 5-04-04

Bedspace: 24
Room types: room for 1,2 persons
Services: café, sauna, parking
Address: Ryazan Region, Sasovo District, Bokovoy Maydan
Tel.: 8-910-641-70-94


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