Shatzk district


Geographical location

Shatzk district is located in the east of the southern natural economic zone of the Ryazan region. It borders on Sasovo, Chuchkovo, Shilovo and Saraevo districts of Ryazan region, Tambov and Penza regions, Mordovia republic. It is 180 km from the regional center. Water source is formed by the following rivers: the Tzna, Vysha, Shacha, Voksha, Kermis, Aza. Forests occupy 30.2% of the area.

Brief history

The history of Shatzk district has over four and a half centuries. Shatzk celebrated its 450th jubilee in 2003. It played an important role in our fatherland history in ancient times already. After nogaish raid in 1551, Ivan the Terrible ordered to build a town instead of a military post, which was situated in Shatzk gates. Shatzk became the last point of Great abatis of the Moscow state, built to defend Russian lands from Tatar. The first inhabitants were streltzy, pushkari, Cossacks.

Tourist resources

Cultural and educational tourism

Zhelannoe museum of local lore
This museum has a unique collection of historic, geographic, ethnographic, archaeological and other exhibits. The pride of the museum is the unique collection of minerals, consisting of 3.5 thousand samples. There are «living exhibits» a camel and a donkey on the territory of the museum, who are a success among the visitors. Tourists are offered an animation program «Posidelki po — zhelannovski».

Address: Ryazan region, Shatzkii district, Zhelannoe.
Tel. (49147) 2-21-44

Konobeevskaya mill

This mill is a monument of wooden architecture, the only windmill remaining intact in the area from Moscow to Chelyabinsk. Old residents say, it didnt stop to flap the wings and roll huge millstones even in still weather — all because of its simple mechanism. This mechanism is still unsullied. Tourists are offered an animation program «In the old mill».

Bykova mountain
The farmstead complex of 19 century, princes Naryshkins former estate, is a wonderful sample of Russian noble estate of the last quarter of the 19th century. The main building is surrounded by a garden and a park. And even now its easy to imagine all this handmade beauty. The two — storey log house with a graceful turret on top is decorated with carved wood. The house wasnt the summer residence only.

Shatzk historical folk center
The exposition is presented by the everyday life of the old district chief town, which celebrated its 455th birthday in 2008. You will learn the wise and simple Shatzk citizens life, their life in harmony with the world and surrounding people. Youll be able to touch the exhibits with hands, become a master and make a clay toy, sew an amulet or a rag doll «cossak barinya», hear a local dialect, legends and true stories of Shatzk land, here is a historical «photostudio». Visitors of the center with great pleasure take part in animation programs for children «Fun near stove», «Lapti — lapotochki», for adults «Cockroach burial», «Once there lived an old man, 100 years at noon», etc.

Address: Ryazan region, Shatzk, Respublikanskaya square, 1.
Tel.: (49147) 2-21-44

Cossack complex
The municipal Cossack center of the Great Don army was opened in 1998 in Shatzk. Shatzk citizens remember their Cossack roots, continuing to bring up youth in the traditions of military patriotism, with respect for cultural and historical heritage of Russian Cossacks.
There were held Cossack circles and song festival «Cossack razdolye» on the territory of the center. If you are interested in Cossack customs and traditions, you should visit the mini — museum in the Cossack center, take part in the «Initiation into Cossack» program, listen to the male Cossack folk group «Shatzk Cossacks» songs.

Address: Ryazan region, Shatzk, Red square str., 26.
Tel.: (49147) 2-41-51

Event tourism

Konobeevskaya fair
Konobeevskaya fair has been famous since old days, when it was held during the 9th week after Easter. People came from everywhere to buy some goods, look at others, show themselves and have fun. And like centuries ago, nowadays at the fair loud folk music is playing, roundabouts are spinning, people are buying goods — birds, dolls, clay toys, Demidovo pottery, and so on.

«Under the blue sky of Zhelannovskie razdolya»
— an annual festival, which is held in July in Zhelannoe village. Zhelannoe residents meet their guests with bread-and-salt. There are several grounds on the green square at Zhelannoe folk museum of local lore: «At fence» (for garmon players and chastushka singers); children studio «Movement» and theatre «Buratino» (also for children); Shatzk souvenir fair, flower exposition «Zhelannoe precious stones». Everyone who wants to get warm with Shatzk herbal tea is invited to a huge 40 liter samovar. There is a sumptuous feast with barbeque and fish soup at the bank of Zatonskaya hydro power.

Pilgrim tourism

Svyato-Uspenskii Vyshenskii convent. Orthodox people know Vyshenskii convent as a place of being of miracle-working Vyshenskoe icon of the Divine mother of Kazan and a place of a preacher and enlightener Feofan Hermit of Vyshenskoes spiritual exploit. There is the first recently restored Temple of the Assumption of the Divine Mother on the territory of the convent, which took over St. Feofans relic in 2002.

Svyato-Nikolo-Cherneevskii monastery
was founded by hieromonk Matvei on the right bank of the Tzna river in 1576. It played an important role in Moscow state history. It was an orthodox outpost, some kind of a military fortress. It is the most precious historical-archaeological ensemble.

Svyato-Pokrovskii convent
is known by the church of the Baptism of Christ since 1676.

Its a small village, where the famous temple of St.Sergei of Radonezh is located. It is an extremely beautiful temple surrounded by wonderful nature. There is Sacred spring in a covered bathing chapel near. Also theres the miracle-working icon of the Divine Mother of Kazan in the temple.

Ecological tourism

Konobeevo cave. This nature monument is located on the bank of the Tzna river. The cave is a gallery in the limestone strata, appeared during the production. The whole length is 3500 meters. The production in the cave began in 1910. The cave is bats «ushanov» place of wintering. There was found the rare species of «nochnica Nattera».

Active tourism

«Along the historical places of Shatzk abatis by bikes and kayaks».
Type of route: water, bike.
Duration: 6 days. Extension: 150 km.
Places for visiting in every point: monuments of nature, culture, archaeology.
Representatives contacts:
Boryabina Olga, tel.: 8(49147)2-27-44, 8-920-632-64-43
Pusakov Petr, tel.: 8(49147)2-86-90


Address: Shatzk, Revolyutzionnaya str, 7
Bedspace: 100
Tel.: (49147)2-20-54, 2-14-42


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