Shilovo district


Geographical location

Shilovo district is located in the central natural economic zone of the Ryazan region. Distance to the regional center — 100 km.

Water resource is formed by the following rivers: the Oka, Pará, Tyrnitsa, Vechug, Srednik. There are large lakes on territory of the district: San, Chudino, Tish, Glubokoe.

Forests occupy about 40% of the territory in the north-eastern and eastern parts of the district.

Brief history

The district was inhabited by Finno-Ugric tribes in pre-Slavonic period. First Slavic settlements are known from X — XII centuries. At the end of XI century on the site of today's working village Shilovo an Old Russian city arose, which was known as Nerensk until XIV century. In the XIV century Nerskaya village becomes the patrimony of the boyars Shilovskij — immigrants from Lithuania — and is mentioned as Shilovo in chronicle from the second half of XIV century.

Shilovo have been remaining a small village in the Spassk district of the Ryazan province for a long time, but it was one of three most important wharfs at Ryazan stream of the Oka.
Shilovo land is considered to be home of Russian epic hero Yevpaty Kolovrat. According to folk legend, Yevpaty Kolovrat was born near to Frolovo village, where local residents set up a memorial stele. A monument of Yevpaty Kolovrat was set up in 1995 in working village Shilovo.

Tourist resources

Cultural and educational tourism

Museum of local lore in Shilovo
Exposition of the museum consists of 8 sections: prehistory (Paleolithic -XVII century), history of XVII — early XX centuries, ethnography, revolution, pre-war history, historical geology, the present-day nature.
Pride of the museum is an archaeological collection, which is unique in the Ryazan region; it allows us to represent the history of ancient Shilovo land and the region as a whole in all details.
The museum has developed interactive programs receiving tourists: on the military-historical ground of the museum guests are met with a welcoming salvo of original cannon, are taught archery, spear and sword work. Tourists can even try on a helmet and chain mail of an ancient warrior, hold in hands a replica of an ancient sword, and learn how to walk on stilts. Adult visitors are invited to review liquor tradition and try broth, cooked according to old recipes; they can also taste aromatic tea from a samovar.
Address: the Ryazan Region, Shilovo, Spasskaya Street, 38
Tel:(49136) 2-19-71

Ethnographic center «Zaryana»
Shilovo Regional Center of Folk Art «Zaryana» studies, preserves and promotes traditional culture of the Ryazan region for over ten years. Here visitors are met with bread and salt, also with drinks and singing ancient songs.
Tourists are especially attracted by the opportunity not only to see the antiquities, but also try to weave baskets and whips, put in oven pots. Cycle of interactive events helps to get acquainted with deep ancient: «House is kept by owner», «Tale about a spoon», «How a shirt has grown in field», «Tale about an old pastime», «Oh, you are our dear guests».
Address: Ryazan region, Shilovo, Vokzalnaya Street, 7
Tel: (49136) 2-13-39

Museum of I.I. Sreznevsky
Sreznevsky is a famous family, which gave Russia many famous people, including the world-renowned philologist I.I. Sreznevsky, who came from village Sreznevo in the Spassk district (Shilovo district now) of the Ryazan province.
Ismail Ivanovich Sreznevsky — a remarkable national scientist, the first doctor philology of the Slavs in Russia, a prominent expert in Old Russian writing, traveler, archeologist, paleographer, ethnographer, and lexicographer lived a bright productive life. He was a brilliant teacher, created a progressive methodical concept of teaching Russian language.
Museum of his name was opened in the village Sreznevo in 2002 to the 190th anniversary of Academicians birthday and became the part of the orthodox spiritual-educational center. The exposition of the center consists of old books, manuscripts, photos, icons, pictures.
I.I. Sreznevsky was buried in Sreznevo.
Address: Ryazan region, Shilovo district, Sreznevo
Tel.: (4912) 92-14-89
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.: (4912) 92-14-89

Shilovo rod weaving
Making household items of natural materials by weaving is an imrpesciptible element of Shilovo peasants culture. Along with oak and birch bark weaving, withe and bramble weaving were popular among peasants. Shilovo woven masterpieces organically combine both utility, and brilliance and high esthetic quality, help look at ordinary things and occurrences in a new way and understand the beauty of the world.
LLC «Shilovo rod» continues Shilovo rod weaving traditions. Its main area of work is making elegant woven furniture: wicker rocking chair, sofa and chairs, decorating items.
Tourists are offered to visit rod weaving master classes.

LLC «Shilovo rod»
Address: Ryazan region, Shilovo, Ryazanskaya Street, 34
Tel.: (49136) 2-18-85

Lunino village
Lunino village is a geographical center of the Ryazan region.
There is a manor complex of XVIII-early XIX centuries in the village, which was belonged to Luniny family, and a stone church of the Divine Mother, built in 1769 in Russian baroque traditions for General M.K.Lunin money. The two-storeyed manor was built in the middle of XVIII century. The six column portico was attached to it later and gave a look, survived to that day. Now there is a school in this building.
Since the second half of the XIX century, the manor belonged to a count Grabbe. He was 1812 war hero.
Theres an ancient settlement not far from Lunino. This comparatively small archaeological monument is kremlin of an old Russian town Voin, mentioned in chronicle of XII century.

Zheludovo village
The village is located on the left riverside of the Prohya, 10 km to the south of Shilovo. Since the end of XVIII century, the village belonged to General P.M. Lunin, who built survived to that day the church of the nativity of Christ and the manor, located in 10 meters from it.
Zheludovo is an ancestral home of Gumilev family.
The world famous poet N.C.Gumilevs father Stepan Yakovlevich was born in this village.
Zheludovo is I.N.Anashkins motherland. He was Lieutenant general of artillery, commander of rocket launcher «katyusha».

Terechovo village
Terechovo village is located on the right riverside of the Oka, 12 km from Shilovo.
It is famous by an ancient settlement of the iron age, located not far from the Chudino lake. In the end of the 1st thousand years AD, it was one of the biggest non-Slavic settlements, may be even a capital of Artaniya-ancient state, mentioned by Arabic travelers.
Numerous arm findings are the evidence of destruction of the settlement by enemies. But even after centuries, this settlement hasnt lost its importance. There was a boundary between Ryazan and Moscow states in XIV-XV centuries. In XVI century there was a garrison, ready to act in case of Tatar attack.

Pilgrim tourism

Kazan church (Sreznevo)
The rocky temple was built in 1905. There was the wooden church of the Intercession of Divine Mother , built in XVII century, before.
In spite of the fact, Kazan church was built in the beginning of XX century, it looks like steepled churches of XVII. Theres the miracle working icon of Divine Mother «Sporuchnitza greshnykh». The icon celebrating day-11th of June.

Event tourism

«Neptunes day»
Time and place of celebrating: the last Sunday of June (annually), Shilovo, the Oka riverside.
«Neptunes day» is celebrating at the same time with Youth day. At the disposal of guests and participants: performance with Russian games and fun, concert, competitions and quizzes.

«Town day»
Time and place of celebrating: beginning of September (annually), Shilovo
Guests and citizens are offered a performance, connected with Shilovo history, «Generous fair» of traditional trades and handicrafts, concert program, exhibition of amateur artists works, masters of decorative and applied arts, photographers.

«Troitzkie gulyaniya»
Time and place of celebrating: 7th of June, Shilovo
Taking part in Troitzkie gulyaniya is an opportunity to get to know the Trinity ceremony of «zavivanie berezki», learn how to weave wreaths, listen to old songs, performed by «Rusalitza» folk group.


Factory «Aelastik» inn
Bedspace: 27
Address: Ryazan region, Shilovo district, Lesnoy, Zelenaya Street
Tel.: (49136) 3-78-73

«Oka» inn
Bedspace: 12
Services: restaurant
Address: Ryazan region, Shilovo, Naberezhnaya Street, 17
Tel.: (49136) 2-19-60

«Kontinent» motel
Bedspace: 18
Services: restaurant, parking
Address: Ryazan region, Shilovo district, Sheluchovo, the 267th km of M5 highway
Tel.: 8-910-577-81-84

Bedspace: 6
Services: restaurant, parking
Address Ryazan region, Shilovo district, Avdotinka
Tel.: 8-910-644-10-44


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